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Naoko Sato

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Age: 20
Birthday: 23 October
Marital Status: Single

Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Phobia: Belonephobia [|] Fear of pins and needles [|]
Illness: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 
Personality: Determined, Caring, Regretful

Abilities, Skills, and/or Powers: Ability to Heal Wounds Instantly, Ability to Make her Enemies Sick Instantly, Ability to See What is Wrong with Someone's Body.




Naoko woke up when she was ten years old in what seemed to be a hospital room. But it wasn't. She was strapped down to the table, not able to move much. She started screaming and calling for help. Eventually, she learnt she had been taken in by Teron to be part of their experiments. No mater what she would do, she couldn't remember anything about herself except her name, which she found on a sheet of paper. She holds to paper with her wherever she goes since she prefers to be called Naomi rather then her number: 863.


She had heard about an experiment having escaped Teron before now she tries to escape and run away for good. Unfortunately, they seem to have implanted tracking devices in their experiments ever since 472 had escaped. This means she constantly gets caught, having to endure worse experiments and testing with each time she is caught.



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Omg Naomi is soo cute! But poor Naomi being an experiment.

Good job sun.

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