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HELLO<3 TsukinoAi here!

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Hello everyone. This is TsukinoAi <3

Im going to share my fan works with you. wwwwwwww


I have been making Sailor Moon games in the last few years, like MUGEN and Petit Guardian(LF2).

And here is my youtube channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/tsukinoaiplus/ . It contains gameplay videos, previews of both games.

Download links are in the description box. Go N get 'em~

Make sure to like the videos and subscribe if you enjoy them!! :D


Besides, I love designing Sailor Moon stuff N I have just created my first merchandise store! <3

Of course the first collection is all about Sailor Moon, the Pretty Soldier Collection.

I put my favourite Sailor Moon stuff into the designs in this collection.


Nice to meet yo all. \^0^/

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