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I call myself Moonie Amanda :)

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Hi all!


My name is Amanda! I'm 18, and even though I missed out on the vast majority of the prime time for Sailor Moon in the '90s, I'm a true Moonie from the word go! I don't think I ever grew out of that part of my childhood (even if it only consisted of reruns on Toonami after school)! I have to say, it's a great day in time to be apart of this fandom and I love surrounding myself with fellow Moonies at any chance I can! 


Some things about my life? Well, I'm currently going to school for massage therapy, and you bet I'm super excited! I start my massage classes in the fall, taking all my prerecs now! I was so excited to get going into my program I actually started college before I even had my high school diploma! Well, only the first two weeks of my first semester, but it's kind of cool to say right?


When I'm not at school, and have a day off work, and the sun is shining bright in the sky my favorite thing to do is to disc golf! It's a great sport to get into if you have no kind of coordination or are not particularly fond of running (like myself ^-^). If you aren't sure what it is I would definitely check it out! Chances are there's a great park somewhere near you that has a course open to the public! It's really a game for everyone, which is why I'm so fond of it, even being so new to it all!


Extra tidbits about me? I'd have to say post-hardcore/metalcore music is where it's at! And my zodiac sign is a Leo... Roar! ;3


I am so looking forward to be chatting with everyone here! It's my first time on any kind of forum site so bear with me if my formatting is incorrect! Have a beautiful day~

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Welcome to the forums!! Also I really like the quote in your siggy

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