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Galatca Knights of Terra

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Given Name: Mina

Surname: Halern

Age: 14

D.O.B.: April 2nd

Family: Mother- Shira Halern

              Father- Earon Halern


About Her: Mina Halern has lived a mostly normal life on earth, her family runs a small inn not far outside of town. Mina is a very peppy and energetic girl, it is hard to ever see her with a sad look on her, she is almost always happy and very cheerful to everyone. She became a Galatca knight after she found an ancient weapon of Galatca Knights. It was a pair of Kunai. She is brave in the face danger and is always willing to help fight to keep peace.




Name:Galatca Knight Chronos



Abilities:Thunder Crash- Strikes the ground with both weapons and bolts of thunder fly out all over

Electric Rampage- Unleashes a storm of electricity upon the enemy


About Her:As a Galatca Knight, Mina has control over the power of lightning, she very fast and able to move quickly with ease, but she lacks the raw-power, regardless she is a force to be

reckoned with and should never be taken lightly.







Given name:Caius



D.O.B.:June 5th(When Converted to Earth time)

Family: Unknown


About Him:A once leader of a rebellion group against the Neo-Knights, his forces where shattered and scattered by General Yoret's Forces, a battle that caused him to lose his right eye. He fled to earth to begin hiding and wait for a time to find any other survivors, after a few months on earth he found Sol and Chronos both fighting to keep peace. He gathered the two and teaches them both in combat.





Name:Galatca Knight Zonex

Weapon:Rapid-Fire Crossbow

Element:Ice and Water

Abilities: Skull Smash - Primitive but effective head-butt. He grabs the enemy and lurches them forward towards him then smashes their head with a solid head-butt

Ice Barrage - Fires a mass of Icicles at his foes from his Crossbow

About him:Zonex is a Galatca who prefers to use range weapons rather than getting close, thus he uses a crossbow, his aim is 2nd to none and avoiding getting him once he has you in his sights is very low, he is quick and has a good balance of power, but even if someone can get close he can take to a fist fight.


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