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you can take the girl out the senshi but you cant take the senshi out the girl :D

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hey everyone!

So happy i found this place before the remake starts! I was a hardcore fan in the 90's and re watched the show and reread the manga many times through my teenage years.

This time round however i would like to discuss and share this experience as it unfolds with the rest of you! perhaps fan girl a bit also ;) didn't have many people like it where i lived and now being much older i am the last standing senshi. But we know we are never truly alone right guys :D

My name is Kimberley and I am from the UK. I am at uni currently studying computer animation art so if any of you want anything fan made for sailor moon 2d or 3d in still or actually animated lemme know ;) i have a black and white cat called Jessie which i will often talk about. I love anything artistic and adventurous and i have been told i am good at advice. Random info i know but i'm not really sure what to type haha.

I hope to get to know you all well and we have an amazing time on this journey together with sailor moon crystal. I am so excited i could explode!!

thought i would add a picture of me. i may put up cosplays in future!





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