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Hi guys! I'm KaratCake (yeah, it's a wordplay using my favorite food, carrot cake lol); you can call me Karat if you'd like! 


I kind of strayed away from anime and manga since my middle school days, but thanks to the Sailor Moon reboot in both Japan and the US my love for the sailor soldiers has been rekindled and I finally got a chance to read and finish the manga. Still working on the anime...I'm up to the early part of S. I love series and how it exemplifies female empowerment in so many different ways, and the characters are fun and relatable. 


My favorite characters are Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter, but I feel like I do like them all for their own reasons.


Aside from Sailor Moon my interests are politics (lol I know, boring), cooking, reading, interior design, cosmetics, and learning languages.

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