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Yuki Utsukushi-Conjum: The Demonic Spirit Possessing Princess Nalani

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Name: Yuki Utsukushi-Conjum

Nickname: Kōsetsu

Sailor Identity: Sailor Sun


Earth Family: Unknown; presumably none (to the Sailor Senshi); Coyanno Conjum (husband), Raver Conjum (Oldest son), Taira Conjum (Eldest Daughter), Sicaya Conjum (daughter), Zeece Conjum (son), Summer Conjum (daughter), Micah Conjum (son; twin of Rachel), Rachel Conjum (daughter; twin of Micah), Darassys Conjum (son), Alayla Conjum (daughter), Conroy Conjum (youngest son), Laina Conjum (youngest daughter), Alalaeea (sister in law), Tokima Kanto (sister in law), Justin Yuy (cousin in law)

Past Life Family: On the Moon: Queen Serenity (mother) and Princess Serena (older sister)


Birthday: July 30th (On earth she says her birth year is 1979)

Blood Type: O

Astrological Sign: Leo


Favorite Colour: Black and Gold

Least Favourite Colour: Red

Favorite Food: Chinese

Least Favorite Food: Brussel Sprouts


Likes: Singing in a large area, drama

Dislikes: Ordinary day to day living, her past family, chocolate. She also doesn't like complete silence.

Personality: She has the mindset to believe she is always right. She never apologizes unless to people close to her who she cares for. She can wipe her memory when she wants, normally stated with a ♪ symbol online or a sweet innocent voice in person. This is also used to play dumb at times. She can go into a trance like state, which is undetermined why but most likely a split personality that still hates her birth family, but not to the extent of wanting to kill them (Nalani). She barely does that. She loves playing games with people's minds because she wishes for no one to actually understand her. The only one who does is Coyanno and her family with him.

Favorite Class: Psychology

Least Favorite Class: Cultural Arts

Favorite Stone: Black Spinel




Yuki Utsukushi is Usagi’s younger sister from a past life. Her name on the moon kingdom was Princess Nalani. She was very reckless in the palace, always trying to be the center of attention. One day, she thought she would hide the cresent moon wand so that her mother would start paying attention to her instead of training Serena. She accidently broke the wand and her mother, thinking about what was best for the Moon Kingdom since this wasn't the first thing she did wrong but it was one of the least gruesome things, banished her to the Sun when she was only five. Once on the Sun, she changed her name to Yuki Utsukushi so she wouldn't have any ties to her past family.


Yuki vowed revenge on her family and started thinking of a plan. Later on, she released Metallia, promising her she could be queen of the entire universe if she destroyed the Moon Kingdom and all who lived in it. She also sent her to destroy Prince Endymion of the Earth. Metallia could not refuse and hence the destruction of the Moon Kingdom.


Years later, Yuki heard of Sailor Moon appearing on the Earth from Metallia. She grew outraged and started planning ways to kill her sister permanently. She stayed on the Sun studying how Usagi handled the different enemies that came her way, noticing that Usagi valued the lives of others if she got to know them first, no matter how evil they were (like with Hotaru). During the third season, Yuki came to earth and became a rising Star, Kōsetsu. This was so she could learn about the culture of Japan before implementing her plan.


After Stars, when Usagi reawakens all the scouts, she transfers into Usagi's school in order to be close to her. One day, Usagi knocked some tickets for the three lights out of Yuki’s hands. Yuki purposely left them behind for Usagi since she was also going to be in the concert. She has a rivalry with Seiya, but none of the other Three Lights, because Seiya feels there is something not right about her.




Solar Wind: A large gust of burning hot wind knocks the enemy backwards

Solar Plasma: A large amount of Plasma surround enemies, eventually burning them to a crisp.

Sun Burn: A single sun ray hits the enemy and slightly burns them; very easy to maneuver around

Solar Magnet: The enemy suddenly can’t move and any weapons the harbour are pushed away from them. They can move again in three minutes or when she lets the person out.

Solar Rays: Blinding light shines, not confined in any way, that blinds everyone in the room for a short period of time.


She cannot be harmed by fire or plasma since she became used to the conditions on the Sun. Soon she'll also possess all the powers that Coyanno possesses, expect going into Shadow Force Form. Also, she always carries a small knife on her, cilvilain or not, just in case she needs it.



Well, this is my OC, Yuki Utsukushi-Conjum. I hope you liked her story. If you want to read more the fanfiction can be found here: http://www.fanfictio...Moon-FanFiction . Please don't forget to review it for me.





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Good OC but what exactly is an OC?


An OC is an original character. You can make them for anything. Harry Potter, animes,books, you name it. You also make stories about them around the main story

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I love this Oc you created!

Its set out perfectly. I love Sailor Suns back story. I hope you do put up the fanfiction. I would want to read it.

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I have come back to this periodically for things thank you by the way although I said that last night. One of my new characters Trena is rather scared of the comment on here that your last posted.  :chibiusa: You'll find out what I mean in the next chapter to why she is scared I will not say. And I will not use that combination chapter unless necessary.

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