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Hello there fellow Moonies!

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Hello! My name is Misty, I'm twenty years old, and have watched and loved Sailor Moon since I was about five years old. 

It's nice to meet you all!


I'm super excited I found a Sailor Moon forum again! You know. at one point , my first Email address was at Sailormoon.com. ha ha. My name here is actually based off of that place, mostly for nostalgia factor on my part. I figured, why not. 


Did anyone else know about that site? Because, it was a lot of fun, and you made your own email address through that place. It was kind of cool, it was a forum, and an email address. How cool is that? It was awesome having my Email address be [email protected] I miss it. 


Anyway, you'll discover I'm quite the ranter. I thoroughly enjoy searching up Sailor Moon trivia, and then driving my friends crazy with it.


I recently just finished watching the entire series, and reading the whole manga. I grew up with the American dub of the anime, and somehow managed to skip the entire second season, with the exception of the movie. 


My resources for watching Sailor Moon when I was young were through Blockbuster, buying the tapes from a local store, and borrowing tapes from my friend (ironically, bought from that same store...). Somehow, I had never actually watched it on a television channel.  


I own quite a bit of Sailor Moon merchandise, including an, apparently, incredibly rare Pencil Box, which I will post a picture of later. 


Anyway, nice to meet all of you! I hope I can make some great friends on here! It's been forever since I've been on a forum specially made for Moonies like myself!

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