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Sailor Moon Crystal Bracelets By Gempowers!

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To All My Moon Friends,


If you are true moon fan, then you must know how exciting it is to have your own 


Princess Serenity Bracelet!


I Loved Sailormoon ever since I was a little girl, and I always wished I could wear their jewelry!


Sooo, I found this company in Japan, called Gempowers.


They make custom gemstone bracelets.. but that's not the best part,


They are making a collection dedicated to all the SailorMoon characters!!!!


I just got mine in the mail today and it's sooooo Pretty!


I hope to maybe collect them all, if not at least the Sailor Venus one because she was my favorite character.


Anywhoo for those of you who want to get your bracelets visit www.gempowers.com.


Oh and I got mine using their discount SAILORMOON2014! 


Check it out for yourselves!



Love you guys! I'll keep you posted when I get the next one :)


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