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New Oc- Fuyu`s highschool enemy

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Teenager side-


Name: Mariko Minori

Mariko - " true village child "

Minori- "Truth "

Age: 16

Picture (s): 2iky6uf.jpg

Description: A young girl who goes to the same school as Fuyu and has a large amount of jealousy towards her because of the fact Takahiro likes fuyu and not her.

Extra info: She is a great cook.

- she is from Komae.

- She has three identites 1) a normal girl 2) sailor senshi 3) her mercenary side

-favorite colours are purple and black

Attidude: Mariko is a very smart and sly person. She can easily minuplate people into siding with her.

She is obessed with Takahiro and you can hear her mutter his name.



Senshi side-


sailor Kaiousei ( japanese name for neptune because she grew up in neptune and took that name uppation: She helped misao banish Fuyu and ruled triton together and escaped from prison and is still wanted in Triton and she rarely ever tranforms into sailo kaiousei)

Picture: 24qs1z8.jpg

Powers- Kaisousei has the power of invisiabilty

- she can distort the room and change it to a different location and mess with your mind and showing your worst fear.s

- if you attack her she can take your power but she gets rid of her own powers and its wears of in 12 hours.

- she throw fire in the shape of purple fireballs and makes explosions in the area like grenades.

- she can burn your body to ashes.

what she says to transform: Kaiousei MAKE UP!


mercanary side-


Extra: She is looking to work for someone who is interesed in getting rid of sailor triton.

She was trained by Yakunan to be an assasin and got sick of her,

picture: 116nx8i.jpg

Name: Mariko has a lots of different names but when she is in her Mercanary indentiy she is called Miyu.

she is very talented with knifes and is very hard to trust and is transformed into Miyu at night.Oc

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