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Keres Utsukushi: Yuki's Grandmother

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Name: Keres Utsukushi

Age: Ageless

Date of Birth: There is no record

Hair Color: Orange

Eye Color: Matalic Purple


Family: Ahriman (Husband), Yuki (Grandaughter)

Race: Demonic Spirit

Likes: Being practical, others listening to her, things going her way

Dislikes: She has a strong a distaste for fanciful things, dislikes having to do something last minute, and having her plans thrown off due to unforeseen circumstances.

Tendencies: Like Yuki, she tends to say Child instead of Kids. When angered, she likes to hunt for Yuki's children, mostly Conroy.




The ability to curse others (her eyes go red when she does this), the ability to make ever lasting cuts in flesh, the ability to shap-shift, the ability to possess others, the ability to regenerate (since she's a spirit she dies and turns back into a spirit unless a special device is used to kill her for good), the ability to form items and people from her mind into the real world, the ability to brainwash others by just merely speaking to them, the ability to deflect harmful objects at will.




A single word that describes Keres is super dependable. She looks carefully at the people and institutions around her and notices every last detail. She knows it is up to her to make sure those around her uphold the certain standards of attitude and conduct in Nybbas. She likes things done in very specific ways, according to the rules of Nybbas.




Keres was born like Yuki, she wasn't. In Nybbas, everyone is either a spirit of someone who was living in any galaxy on any planet, or they are like the Royal Family.Every 100 years, 25 demonic spirits, born of the abuse of children of the planets, and find their way to their assigned families. Keres showed up on the doorstep of the Royal Family. Her training started the very next morning. The training is to learn the ways of Nybbas and to teach the royal family to be tough and unwavering. Some of the training included being thrown off the highest point of the place and seeing if she was caught. Most of the times, she wasn't since if anyone caught her, they would be killed, for good. Another training was a chase, where the people of Nybbas would hunt her down until she was almost dead. Whoever managed to bring her back in a horrible condition would get an award. Kere's never complined about such training and quickly learnt how to act in Nybbas. When her grandparents disappeared, she took over Nybass with the same brutal fist, if not more.


Quote to Sum up Life: "Suck it up. It's a part of life Child."



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Me: It's awesome and it is very explanatory. Conroy Aww... I was hoping it would be more explanatory on her powers. Me: I love the picture too it's very pretty. :D Conroy thank you and I have a feeling I'm going to have to kill her again darn it but at least she can't go after mom.

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