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Conroy one of Coyanno and Yuki's kids

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Name: Conroy

Family: Mother Yuki Father Coyanno Oldest Brother Raver, Oldest Sister Taira , Older Sister Sicaya, Older Brother Zeece, Older Sister Summer, Older Sister Simeea, Older Brother Micah, Daughter Rachel, Older Brother Darassys Older Sister Alayla, Younger Sister Laina, Younger Brother Mathias, Younger Brother Tyico, Younger Sister Teakeya,

December 25 year nyde1p


Blood Type:
A, O

Astrological Sign:
Capricorn (elements inherit Air and Water plus many others are generational like his father’s)

Least Favorite:

Favorite Colours:
Blue, Green and Red

Favorite Food
: likes all food with one exception

Least Favorite Food
: Blueberries

Dragons and Getting in into mischief

Hates his mom’s ancestors, Cats and Doctors

Favorite Classes: Tai Chi and Marshall arts

Least Favorite Class: none

Favorite Stone: All Stones

Life Pursuit: To be proud of his achievements

Vibration: Powerful resilient energy


Personality: Conroy has traits from his father: the ability to lead a very vast amount life forms whether Shadowconians or not and being a born leader. In his purest state, others see him as a guiding light but on the other hand he can become depressed, obsessive and confused. being very resilient and adaptable, He tries to not be depressed, obsessive and confused as much as possible. His own traits which shows a bit of his mother I think: Conroy is always working hard to achieve his goals he does not stop until he does achieve them he is patient but has a quick temper at the same time when others tried to stop him from reaching his goals they learn very quickly why not to stop him . Conroy always finds a way to be working but playing at the same time when given a new task he will achieve it no matter what but he also knows when to ask for help but he doesn’t like to because he is very stubborn. When something he has working on comes to a grinding halt his drive to reach his goals keeps him advancing forward. He knows when to be cautious and conservative but he doesn’t always allow that to stop him he is curious and willing to try unusual approaches to his goals this also comes in handy in business and love. He does not like to admit that part about love it so he doesn’t. He desires a permanent relationship with someone who'll give him the affection he crave and often neglect to give himself. He is responsible, knows how to create structural environments, hard-working, a superb organizer many people find Conroy has a offbeat sense of humour, which seems to erupt at the most unexpected moments his motivating forces in life success, money, status, authority and - He does not like to admit that part once again love By nature Conroy is cautious when entering a new love relationship, but once he feel safe with his partner once he finds her the cool exterior will melt away to reveal a sensitive and loyal heart beneath but only to her and families. As a friend, Capricorns can be relied upon to provide the strongest and most sympathetic pair of shoulder.


Powers: Conroy travel between dimensions and worlds, Shadow Force Forums, barriers, can make people's bodies as heavy as rocks so they can't move, freeze people, can heal himself, he can fade out to go places, he can erase people’s memories, he can talk to people in their minds, he can sense other energy levels, he can sense other life forms, he can make things out of rocks, he can hear People’s thoughts, he can attack people when he is not in the same room, he can change people thoughts when necessary, he can breathe for someone else as well as himself, he can send pain shooting through people's bodies without touching them, he can instantly kill people without being around them, he can be in a room and see what's happening and not be seen, he can enhance people’s emotions this power can also work the other way around, he can enter people's minds while they are asleep and do things to them, he has inherited powers from his mother as well that he has yet to discover, etc


Background: Conroy was born on Shadow Con on Christmas Day around five o’clock and was unexpected by his parents. He has had many run-ins with his mom’s ancestors Ahriman and Keres his parents only know of one of those. He is the 11th child in the line of the 15 older kids. The option has been left open for Conroy to someday take over ruling Nybbas from Niarris who took Yuki’s place as ruler of Nybbas up until such a time arises that Conroy wants to take his place. Niarris wise demon seer.


Present Day: Conroy doesn't know what his parents did in Nybbas that day they got Niarris to take Yuki’s place as temporarily ruler until such time as and if Conroy decides to take over for his mom. Conroy has for younger siblings that make up the oldest 15 kids he is still single and quite happy right now. Many years have passed and now he has 1000 new siblings that is why he is content right now with the situation but he also knows that things can quickly change he is hoping to set it doesn't happen anytime soon. (I did not include the 15 in that 1000) Most recently Conroy during his training to become ruler of Nybbas met Kayndinesa in history class for Nybbas she is half Nybassian and half Shadowconian. Three years later when Conroy was finish his training Kayndinesa convinced him to leave Nybbas for a little while with her.


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Aww...poor Conroy having to deal with Yuki's ancestors so much like that. They are mean, mean spirits! I like it :)

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