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Joola Toka Telahay Married Name: Yuy

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Name: Joola Toka Telahay

Family: Mother Melay Father Derru, Husband Shorad Kyen Yuy, Justin Yuy Oldest Son, Youngest Daughter Azara Joola Yuy Sister in-law Mitsuki Grandchildren Rena, Drake, Shiki Coyanno distant cousin in law


Birthday: January 10

Birthstone: Granite

Blood Type: BA 

Astrological Sign: Capricorn (element earth)

Least Favorite: Colour: none

Favorite Colours: Green, Pink and Purple

Favorite Food: Cheese, Tomatoes, Chinese food, and Mexican food

Least Favorite Food: Seafood, allergy to: Peanuts

Likes: Stargazing and has a fascination Aliens

Dislikes: Hates Violence and Evil

Favorite Classes: Dancing and Drama

Least Favorite Class: Math and Language arts

Favorite Stones: Emerald, Opal and Perido

Life Pursuit: To be proud of her achievements

Vibration: Powerful resilient energy


Personality: Joola likes a quiet life and she is a business achievers, she is a mixture of both descriptions of her astronomical sign is good at achieving her goals and doesn’t stop until she does she is also very adventurous. She can also be content and happy to remain within her small domain sometimes refusing to budge unless she is pushed she is patient and persevering she knows the longest journeys commence with a single step and that the first one is always the most difficult. She finds she has to bounce business with play otherwise she becomes too one-sided and working can replace emotional fulfillment. When given a new task or deadline Joola she will rise the location when faced with it her ambition to reach her goals always drives her forward until she has achieved what she wants to. She can also be conservative and cautious in situations she doesn’t feel comfortable in but on the other hand she is willing to try unusual approaches on their road to success in business or in love. She desires a permanent relationship she now she found that in Shorad she also knows he will give her the affection she craves and that she often neglects to give herself. Joola is very responsible, hard-working, a superb organizer, ambitious and practical. Joola has to be careful and be reminded every once in a while not to become a workaholic just because she works a lot does not mean she does not have a sense of humour and it does not make her gloomy in any means she has an offbeat sense of humour which seems to appear and erupt at the most unexpected moments. Shorad has noticed that Joola’s motivators are success, money, status, authority, and although she won’t admit it very often excepts you him love. Joola by Nietzsche was very cautious when entering a relationship with Sorad but once she felt safe with him she opened up more and the cool exterior that she often shows mounted away revealing to him her more sensitive side and loyal heart beneath. As a friend Joola can be relied upon to provide the strongest and most sympathetic pair of shoulders her secret desire is to be admired by her family and friends as well as the world at large.


Background: Joola was born on Earth she would not put up with fighting when younger no matter who was fighting family friends are complete strangers. Her father died when she was 12 years old they don’t know why he died he was healthy up to the day died. Joola talked about dropping out of school to help her mother but her mother would not hear anything of it she made Joola go to school evening she had to walk over there herself. Joola became an honour roll student in school many of her friends supported her but she also got bullied for it. Her friends Ziyeary who she calls her adoptive brother would often stick up for her and try not to fight because he knew how much she dislikes it.


Present Day: Joola has a job as a believer do not paranormal alien scientist but she did not agree with some of the experiments that they do so she refused to do the ones she does not agree with the she was offered to help at Teron but downright refuse them because she knew all too well what they do. Joola was 16 when she met Shorad that day when they bumped into each other in the city. Years after Joola’s refusal with Teron they started bothering continuously asking over and over to team up with them and she still refused not telling them anything about her or her newly formed family. They still bothers her after that so Joola decided to hide any personal information on her and her family that she could.


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Yes that's right I was thinking but that's up to Justin to decide and just a reminder I did say in Shorad's OC that he knew who the people were to cause the accident so it very well could have been Teron.

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