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Shorad Kyen Yuy Justin and Azara dad

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Name: Shorad Kyen Yuy,

Family: Mother Mayrea Father Dezidur, Older Brother Tyoh, Younger Sister Hanalay, Wife Joola Toka (maiden name: Telahay) (married name: Yuy,) Justin Yuy Oldest Son, Youngest Daughter Azara Joola Yuy Sister in-law Mitsuki Grandchildren Rena, Drake, Shiki Coyanno distant cousin

June 5


Blood Type:

Astrological Sign:
Gemini (elements Air and Fire)

Least Favorite:

Favorite Colours:
Green and Orange

Favorite Food
likes all food with one exception

Least Favorite Food

Dragons, Stargazing and flying

Hates the people he knew who caused the car accident.

Favorite Classes: Marshall arts

Least Favorite Class: French

Favorite Stone: Azer Stone

Life Pursuit: To explore a little bit of everything.

Vibration: Intense mental energy


Personality: Shorad finds he always on the move and thirsty for knowledge as well new experiences. He is curious and sometimes even mischievous when he wants to be. He also is a talented writer he prefers to do that over talking most times. He also has a special interest in foreign languages but has a hard time picking up on French. Shorad loves the adventure game playing involved in out-thinking other people. He is tough and rarely shows emotions but when he does show his emotions people can definitely tell. When you have been around him for several days or so he starts to open up a little but not that it unless it involves family other people find him to be very mysterious and that keeps to himself. At times when Shorad would keep to himself Azara would find these times a difficult because she would worry about father and wonder how she could help him. Shorad’s secret desire is to be the ahead of a crowd.


Powers: Shadow Force Forums up to stage three, barriers, freeze people, can heal himself, he can fade out to go places, he can talk to people in their minds, he can sense other energy levels, he can sense other life forms, he can hear People’s thoughts, he can send pain shooting through people's bodies without touching them, he can instantly kill people without being around them and his eyes go black when angry, etc


Background: Shorad was born on Shadow Con he would not put up with fighting when younger he learned through the years that some things just have to be fought for like a peaceful future that is one of the many reasons why he was appointed to be one of Shadow Con’s height is steamed General’s of the royal court when Shorad was 14 his brother Tyoh and sister Hanalay were killed in front of him. When he was 19 going on 20 Shorad fled Shadow Con.


Present Day: Shorad told Azara while still at their house in the Shadow Con Forest that he could sense Justin’s energy and he had survived the car crash. Shorad and Azara went to meet up with their family. They met at the family reunion on Shadow Con in the summer Shorad met Mitsuki, and Shiki for the first time and he learns what really happened to Justin. He has not yet met his oldest it to grandchildren Rena and Drake but would like to one day.



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Yes I like it :) Very nice and detailed as usual and I never knew he had siblings which is cool and kinda sad too since they died :(

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