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Azara Joola Yuy Justin Yuy's Younger Sister

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Name: Azara Joola Yuy

Family: Mother: Joola Toka (maiden name: Telahay) (married name: Yuy,) and Father Shorad Kyen Yuy, Older Brother, Justin Yuy, Sister in-law Mitsuki Niece Rena, Nephew Drake, Niece Shiki

April 4


Blood Type:

Astrological Sign:
Aries element Fire

Least Favorite:

Favorite Colours:
Blue doesn’t mind Pink

Favorite Food
Cheese, Tomatoes and Mexican food

Least Favorite Food

Dragons and Flying

Being told what to do except by her father
and Yuki but she has to be respectful to her

Favorite Classes: learning different languages

Least Favorite Class: none

Favorite Stone: Blue Pearls

Life Pursuit: The thrill of the moment

Vibration: Enthusiast


Personality: Azara is adventurous, active, outgoing, and independent. She also has a competitive nature and trusting of most people also has a very hot temper. Azara often herself innocently walking into the lion's den at times because she is so trusting. No matter what the situation bad or good if Azara needs to she has the ability to balance back from bad situations and be very happy, because of this her faith in the life and the future remains on top by hardships. Azara is a 'doer' rather than 'talker'. She is impulsive she acts first and ask questions later this would often care her father. She also loves challenges in fact everything is to normal day-to-day ordinary she is quick capable of going out and doing something sometimes quite foolish to cause trouble she also loves to race in where angels fear to tread. Azara secret desire partly because astronomical sign Aries: To lead the way for others.


Powers: Can make barriers and can fly great at aerial attack. (maybe adding more)


Background: Azara was born on Earth but told about Shadow Con from her father when she was little. Azara was not told about what her father thought had happened Justin until later on in life. Azara her father will force it to Shadow Con after the car crash so father could fight in the generational war.


Present Day: Azara was told while still at their house in the Shadow Con Forest Justin had survived the car crash. Azara and her father went to meet up with their family. They met at the family reunion on Shadow Con in the summer Azara met for the first time at the family reunion Justin, Mitsuki, and Shiki and that is where she learns what really happened to Justin. She has not yet met Rena and Drake but would like to one day. To this day and well growing up Azara has had a gift that she is always a child at heart and the world or worlds are always magical places for her.



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