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It Was an Ordinary Day Until... RP idea

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It was an ordinary day. The Sun was shining, not too hot, and there were only a few clouds in the sky creating a little shade when needed.


Seems nice right? Well not anymore!


My RP idea starts out exactly like that, with whatever characters are involved. Suddenly, a plot twist drops and everything is shaken up. Then...when the plot twist is settled...BAM! Another plot twist!




1. Sign up to this post.

2. The RP will start on February 15th.

3. Only two characters max per person RPing (OC or not).

4. I am the only one who can state the plot twists.

5. You must work together to resolve the plot twist and get the story back to "normal"

6. Follow the rules of the RP section and of the forums overall.


With that said, HAVE FUN :P


Username: Character:


SailorSun Sailor Supernova, Kumiko


Sophia~ Sailor Triton, Yukunan


Nebula-Knight Justin Yuy

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