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Award System

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Hey guys today I want to introduce the Award System!



What is the award system?

Basically you get awarded for doing things on the forum. Like getting trophies for a soccer game.



How Do I get Awards?


There are actually three ways.


1. You can buy them with Cresents (Club Sailor Moon Points).

You can earn points by making threads, posting replies, posting images(Basic forums stuff). Once you have enough you can buy which award you want


More information about the store can be found here.

The store can be found here.


2. You can get these by posting.

These awards are give on posting basis, lets say you get 500 posts, you will be awarded 500Posts Award. These awards will be give automatically.


3. You can get these awards from your fellow moonies!

To give these awards go to the persons profile and press "Give Award". These awards can be given to anyone on the forum.


What kind of awards are there?

You can click here to see them or you can press "Awards" on top right.


I got an Idea for an award, can I suggest it?

Of course! Just post a reply to this thread of what the award will be and maybe an idea for an image to go with it


Are there any rules?

Yes! I know people hate rules but without them everything would be chaos


Rule 1 No asking for awards (Not in post, statuses, Private messages, chat, shoutbox etc.)

Rule 2 Give the awards only if they deserve it

Rule 3 You are not allowed to make another account to give your self awards

*Forum Rules Apply Here As well



Have Fun!


As always if you need help with this or anything else PM me!

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