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Simeea One Of Yuki and Coyanno's Daughters

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(past re-written have to read the skit when we get that far in posting to know what's changed)

Name: Simeea
Sailor Identity: Sailor Silent Shadow Sun
Stage Name: Shimmer Shine
Family: Mother Yuki Father Coyanno Oldest Brother Raver,Oldest Sister Taira,Older Sister Sicaya, Older Brother Zeece, Older SisterSummer,Younger Brother Micah,Younger Sister Rachel,Younger Brother Darassys Younger Sister Alayla,Younger Brother Conroy,Younger Sister Laina,Younger Brother Mathias,Younger Brother Tyico,Younger Sister Teakeya,

Birthday: November 20 year mitzo9
Birthstone: Topaz
Blood Type: O
Astrological Sign: Scorpio (elements inherit Air and Water plus many others are generational just like her father's)

Least Favorite: Colour: none
Favorite Colours: Black and White

Favorite Food: likes all food with two exceptions
Least Favorite Food: Blueberries and Liver
Likes: Singing and Getting in into mischief
Dislikes: none

Favorite Classes: PE, Any form of art and Marshall arts
Least Favorite Class: none
Favorite Stone:
All Stones
Life Pursuit: To survive against all opposition
Vibration: Resilient

Personality: As a child Simeea was often found to be wise beyond her years. Desire and power go hand in hand for Simeea her biggest challenge and test in life is choosing between the power of love and the love of power. Simeea is very sensitive and emotional when she wants to be she also finds she walks, works and loves to a different beat. Simeea’s Dainid boyfriend finds because of Simeea’s personality he feels like he can live with her forever. He also noticed from being around her, her eyes often blaze with feelings that words never express. He has learned to be aware on the days or nights she hides her feelings there is likely to be a storm of some kind brewing or she is thinking of an evil plan, there are also other telltale signs for this. Dainid finds Simeea to be most faithful and dedicated he also knows because of her personality she will never forget or forgive. Simeea’s secret desire to triumph at whatever she puts her mind to she very powerful.

Background: Simeea was born on the Sun. She got lost at a very young age Yuki tried to find her but had no luck. While she was growing up Simeea always felt like something was missing and would often go searching for whatever it was. It wasn’t until the age of 10 that she met Dainid a singing producer and became Shimmer Shine on stage but offstage she likes to be known as Simeea. She keeps up on the star news by reading the Star News magazine since the day she could read. One day when she picked it up she saw Yuki’s face on the front cover and that’s when she realized she is a lot like her and looks a lot like her daughter Summer, from that day forward Simeea kept an eye on them.

Present Day: Simeea met up with her older sister and twin Summer at the college on the planet she rules with Sashay. Simeea got reunited with her parents via Summer and Sashay. Dainid didn’t ask Simeea to marry him until she was 19 and out of high school. Years later Simeea and Dainid have one child so far his name is Zinearim


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