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Laina one of Yuki and Coyanno's daughters

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Name: Laina

Sailor Identity: Sailor Solar Con

Family: Mother Yuki . Father: Coyanno , Oldest Brother Raver, Oldest Sister Taira, Older Sister Sicaya, Older Brother Zeece, Older Sister Summer, Older Sister Simeea, Older Brother Micah, Older Sister Rachel, Older Brother Darassys, Older Sister Alayla, Older Brother Conroy, Younger Brother Matthias, Younger Brother Tyico, Younger Brother Sister Teakeya, (twins) Long Lost Cousin: Justin Yuy.

Birthday: February 1 year plotema7

Birthstone: Amethyst

Blood Type: E, A

Astrological Sign: Aquarius (elements inherit Air and Water plus many others are generational like her father’s)

Least Favorite: Colour: Boier

Favorite Colours: Purple and Black

Favorite Food: likes all food with two exceptions

Least Favorite Food: Blueberries and Shadowconian Sylo Chocolate (one type of Shadowconian chocolate)

Likes: Dragons, Getting in into mischief flying among the stars (her parents try to keep sometimes have difficulty doing so) she likes to start fights, (except when her parents are having issues she likes to solve those ones)

Dislikes: Cats and, Doctors

Favorite Classes: Marshall Arts, Shadowconian Marshall arts and Sparring

Least Favorite Class: Human Math and Shadowconian Lalray

Favorite Stone: All Stones

Life Pursuit: to understand life’s mysteries

Vibration: high frequency


Personality: Laina has been known to have the qualities of a leader and trendsetter others have noticed and told her that she marches to a different drum beat she also notice after people telling her this that she is good at making up new music whether it be in English for other languages including in Shadowconian. She is a mind orientated individual she never stops thinking because of her high focus and intellectual exploration she finds it takes her to many different places in her mind and otherwise. When she finds herself in place as she has never been she starts exploring I must immediately because of this people have called her a trailblazer. Her ability to lift arm mental levels holds both pain and pleasure for Laina. She is known to be a speciesitarian because of this she is often involved in social programs that assist others she can also be objective in justice. She never lets her a motions get in the way in situations that involve this during these situations the species she helps have told her she is outgoing and amiable. She tries to ignore this fact because she knows her mother and father would flip out if they knew what others were saying about her. She finds she attracts friends wherever she goes and those whom she befriends have her unswerving loyalty. Laina find she sees the world or worlds in a different light some people or creatures think her habits and ideas are eccentric or crazy in some way but this uniqueness makes her special. Her mind is extremely quick also her sisters and brothers have noticed that she suffers from insomnia. Laina has discovered she has strong political, environmental and social beliefs she also finds she is happiest when she has something to believe in and nurture.


Powers: barriers, freeze people she can also break out of her father’s Body Freezer Attack to a certain level, (meaning depending on which Shadow Force Forum power level he is in at the time) can heal herself she can fade out to go places, she can erase people’s memories, she can talk to people in their minds, she can sense other energy levels, she can sense other life forms, she can hear People’s thoughts, she can change people thoughts when necessary, she can breathe for someone else as well as herself, she can send pain shooting through people's bodies without touching themshe can be in a room and see what's happening and not be seen, she can enhance people’s emotions this power can also work the other way around, he can enter people's minds while they are asleep and do things to them etc, she can also Shadow Splicers from hitting her as well she also inherited powers from her mother, she can into her people’s powers (she did to his father once.) she's been also traveled to the place Where All Elements Meet this includes all (Shadowconian elements.)


Background: Laina born on the Sun she conquered a whole galaxy all by herself before she was even born. Laina helped her mother except Sicaya and Zeece in their family on the same day of her birth. Laina and her sisters can’t go into Shadow Force Forums but they get that energy like they are in it when they are angry.


Present Day: Laina hasn't seen her parent very much in her life so far it makes her angry but she understands why kind of because her mom told her why. She talks to her other siblings they say similar things have happened to them during the years this makes her more furious as the days and years go by Laina has a little brother whose name is Mathias now. she also has a Shadow Con cat who showed up randomly one day while her parents were gone he is friends with Alayla's cat Shinera. Laina's cat's name is Venar. She is married to Naylee they rule the planet Laina together.


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