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Point System

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Hey CSM Members!

Today I am officially releasing the point system.


What is a point system?

Point system is when you do something and earn points and with these points you can buy stuff.

The currency we use here is ☽ (Cresents)


How do I access the point system?

click here.PNG


or you can use this link



How do I get points?

All you have to is post threads, reply to threads and post pictures in the gallery, basically what you do in a forum.


How much points do I get for posting?

FireShot Screen Capture #014 - 'IP_Board_ (e34) ibEconomy  Forum Points' - forum_clubsailormoon_com_admin_index_php_adsess=1d4d4b51749d54c7ee820069f9c98c18&app=ibEconomy&module=forum_points&section=forum_points&do=fo.png


How do I check how much points I have?

You can go to point system can click my portfolio and you will see it there OR you can go to your profile and click CSM point


I wanna make points faster!

There are few things you can do you can play the lottery,invest in stocks, and invest in long term investments.


Where do I buy stuff?

Go to point system then press shop


What can I buy with these points?

You can buy bunch of stuff. Right now we only have forum related things and we will be changing that later on.

You can see what we have in the store here



When does the investment cycle end?

15 days from purchace


Are there any fees that I should know about?

There are fees for some stuff like investments, but if there are fees it will be mentioned


It may seem a bit complicated but just go to the Point System and look around and you will get it! So what do you think about the point system?

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Man...ZERO YOU GOT RICH!! I like this system :)


Number 1!!! Any one want to challenge me for #1 Rank?


If you win I will give you something :D

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I just found this information and think you it helps a lot. :chibiusa:


Now you find it? xD Glad it helped

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