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Sicaya one of Yuki and Coyanno's daughters

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(past re-written have to read the skit when we get that far in posting to know what's changed)

Name: Sicaya
Sailor Identity: Sailor Shadow Shainka
Family: Mother Yuki, Father Coyanno , Oldest Brother Raver, Oldest Sister Taira, Younger Brother Zeece, YoungerSister Summer,Younger Sister Simeea, Younger Brother Micah, Younger Sister Rachel, Younger Brother Darassys,Younger Sister Alayla, Younger Brother Conroy, Younger Sister Laina, Younger Brother Mathias, Younger Brother Tyico, Younger Sister Teakeya, Long Lost Cousin Justin Yuy.

Birthday: July 5 year tizi7

Birthstone: Granite

Blood Type: E, A
Astrological Sign: Capricorn (elements inherit Air and Water plus many others are generational like her father’s)

Least Favorite: Colour: Red
Favorite Colours: Black, Blue and Yellow
Favorite Food: likes all food with three exceptions
Least Favorite Food: Blueberries, Liver and Fish
Likes: Dragons, Getting in into mischief, sword fighting, knife throwing, and gazing at the stars
Dislikes: Cat and, Doctors

Favorite Classes:PE, Drama, and Martial arts
Least Favorite Class: French
Favorite Stone:All Stones
Life Pursuit: to be proud of her achievements
Vibration: powerful resilient energy

Personality: Sicaya is very quiet and only speaks when she needs to or is driven to, When she has something to do she gets it done without prevention. She is very good at achieving what she sets out to do. She is patient and persevering. She reaches her goals because she knows the longest journey commences with a single step and that the first step is always the most difficult. Sicaya finds she must always try to balance work with play; otherwise she can become too one-sided and work can replace true personal emotional fulfilment. If she finds something comes to a complete stop, her ambition to reach her goals keeps her moving forever forward and upwards. Although Sicaya is conservative and cautious at times, she is willing to try unusual approaches on her road to success in business or in love. Romantically Sicaya’s desires a prominent relationship with Zairic but she doesn’t know that yet. She also doesn’t know is that he will give her the affection she craves and often neglects to give herself. She is also ambitious, practical and a superb organizer although she can become a borderline workaholic. This doesn’t necessarily make her dull or gloomy. She has a offbeat sense of humor which seems to erupt at the most unexpected moments. Her motivating force in life is success, money, status, and she tries not to might admit it but love is also a motivator for her. Sicaya is cautious when entering a love relationship but once she feel 'safe' with her partner the cool exterior melts away to reveal a sensitive and loyal heart beneath. As a friend, Sicaya can be relied upon to provide the strongest and most sympathetic pair of shoulders. Sicaya‘s secret desire is to be admired by her family and friends as well as the world at large.

Powers: Barriers, freeze people, she can also break out of her father’s Body Freezer Attack to a certain level, (meaning depending on which Shadow Force Forum power level he is in at the time), can heal herself, she can fade out to go places, she can erase people’s memories, she can talk to people in their minds, she can sense other's energy levels, she can sense other's life forms, she can hear People’s thoughts, she can change people thoughts when necessary, she can breathe for someone else as well as herself, she can send pain shooting through people's bodies without touching them, she can be in a room and see what's happening and not be seen, she can enhance people’s emotions; this power can also work the other way around, she can enter people's minds while they are asleep and do things to them etc, she can also stop Shadow Splicers from hitting her. As well she also inherited powers from her mother.

Background: Sicaya was born on the planet Sirea. Her brother and her were somehow transported to the planet of Xloadus and/or found by who they thought was their mother. Sicaya‘s adopted mother convinced her adoptive father to raise them as his own children. He was not very happy about this. Through the years he started to really to hate Sicaya and tried to kill her several times especially when he found out she was a Shadowconian. Sicaya and her brother were saved many times from being killed by their adoptive father by Zairic. Zairic loves Sicaya but he thinks she doesn’t even notice him. Sicaya and her sisters can’t go into Shadow Force Forums but they get that energy like they are in it when they are angry.

Present Day: Sicaya sneaks into the Army dressed as a boy and tries to assassinate Coyanno. But then as time goes on after she’s captured she finds out that the man she thought was her father is not her father. She finds this out because the man she thought was her father shows up and tells her. After that Zerid and Alua show up and start talking to Coyanno, Sicaya can see them and asks if they know who her parents are. They say they do and Sicaya, Coyanno and Yuki learn the truth. A little while after that Sicaya gets a situation where she meets up with Zairic and is told that he is there to kill her. Sicaya tells him something and he doesn’t kill her.
Note: to reader if you want to find out what I left out you will have to read the skit.


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They have sooo many kids, it's almost not even funny, but I have to admit that you do come up with pretty good Characters Moonbeam. ^^

Aww... Thanks it's nice to know people like what I write and it's humbling to sometimes because I used to not release anything until XXZero suggested I really should that was quite a long time or at least it feels like. :chibiusa:

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