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Nalani Bram-bowlish: Second Born Princess of the Moon Kindgom

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Name: Nalani Bram-bowlish

Also known as: Princess Nalani

Family: Mother: Queen Serenity (Asherrainium), Father: Yoamy Leeam Bram-bowlish, Older sister: Princess Serenity (Usagi), Husband and Boyfriend: Dendderen, Children (in order of oldest to youngest): Revell, Yamoco, Cavisa, Faisser, Sisya, Braverus, Nema, Bavercon, Luweena, and Mueco.


Birthday: July 30th

Blood Type: O

Astrological Sign: Leo

Age: Mentally: 2, Physically: 14, Real time: 2 years younger then Usagi at set given time.

Favorite Color: Silver

Least Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Food: Anything her Asherainaium likes to eat

Least Favorite Food: Blueberries, Fish, and Liver

Favorite Class: Creative Writing

Least Favorite Class: Science

Favorite Stone: Ruby


Likes: Being with her mom, watching the stars, and writing a fake diary

Dislikes: People who read her diary except her mom, school, rude men, anyone who keeps her away from her mom, Princess Serenity, the Sailor Senshi; She hates Coyanno the most.


Powers:Nalani does not have the ability to turn into a Sailor Senshi. That ability has decided to stay with Yuki. However, Nalani does have some abilities. She is good at martial arts and self-defense. These came naturally to her because of Yoamy’s training. She was still very aware in her training with Gemini so she can also speak many languages, is good with throwing knifes and butterfly knifes, and also with a Katana. From being on the Sun for a long time she cannot be harmed by fire or plasma. Also, she has maintained the power to make sure others can’t move and any weapons they have be pushed away from them. Unlike Yuki, Nalani can make this effect last as long as she wants.


Personality:Nalani acts like she is a little child. She will do anything in her power to be around her mom including lying to her mother about invasions. She often acts nice to others and behaves herself well enough when in the presence of others and her mom. But when her mom isn’t around she will act very rude and mean trying to force them to leave so she can have her mom to herself. Although she does act nice around others, her eyes are cold and uncaring. Like Yuki, she never apologizes unless to people close to her who she cares for. This basically means her mom and her family with Dendderen. On the day of the new moon she is genuinely sweet and caring for all others. However, no one but her mom and dad believe her on that day.


Background:Nalani was born two years after Princess Serenity (Usagi). She came as a surprise to Queen Serenity (Asherrainum) and Yomay because it was once said that only one child could be born to the Queens of the Moon. Nalani was always very clingy with Queen Serenity (Asherrainium). When she was two she started becoming slightly less dependent, meaning she would go off for at least half an hour doing things by herself. Every now and then she would walk in the palace with a new toy or some gold. When she was questioned about it she would say her friend, Miss. Gemi, gave it to her. Nalani was also always writing things down in a fake diary. It would be filled with entries about what her and her mom did that day. If anyone but her mom touched her diary, including her dad, she would hit them and scratch them until they gave her it back.Yuki started taking over Nalani on her second birthday. She entered by finding a weakness in Nalani’s soul. The weakness was jealously, the jealous towards others being near her Queen Serenity (Asherrainium). Nalani wasn’t completely aware of all the bad things, the killings and poisoning, that she was doing but she knew of them to an extent. Nalani had a pet kitten named Oebin who was Pearl and Midnight's forth kitten of their litter. However, Yuki took over when Nalani was jealous and the cat died. She broke the wand when she was not being influenced by Yuki. But because of everything that Nalani had done and the fact that breaking the wand put Queen Serenity (Asherrainum) in grave danger of dying, she got sent to the Sun to live with Apollo for a short while until the bad air cleared on the Moon.


Present Day:Dendderen was able to remove himself from Coyanno and then remove Nalani from Yuki. Yuki cryptically told Dendderen and Nalani that Nalani was going to die very shortly because she was removed. Nalani and Dendderen went into the future and got Queen Serenity (Asherrainum) to give her a body of her own. To distinguish herself from Yuki she now wears her hair down. She still is very clingy to her mom and will still lie to be close to her. The only people who can get her to leave her mom alone for a while are Dendderen and Yoamy, but she listens to Dendderen more.


**Side Note:Some of the names in MoonBeam's OC posts were code names for Attacking Yuki in the skit. These are the real names**


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But seriously alot of detail and information here. Well done.

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But seriously alot of detail and information here. Well done.

Nalani: No...I only hug my Mommy and Denddrye and my toys :) Me: I still have more info -.- (yes Zero... I used -.-)

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