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Dells Boss- Tora

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I asked katelyn, if I could create the Oc for Dells boss, so here goes!


Name: Her nickname is Tora, but she has no memory of her actual real name. Note: Tora means tiger in japanese.

Age: 16

Personal History: Tora has no memory of her past. The only thing she can remember is her friends/family calling her tora, Tora is from Mars, on the same day ryuhei went to Yakuanan.

She gained her powers by Yakunan and was trained by her, but yakunan cleared her mind so that she had no memory of that training and her past. Yakunan wanted Tora to go and kill Yuki for her, but Yakunan used her powers wrong which turned out to be that Tora is out to kill Yakunan.

Both Tora and yakunan had a massive fight but resulted in tora getting knocked out painfully.

When she woke up, she found her self to be on a beach and the only thing she could remember was to kill Yakunan.

Tora had some memory of her time with Yakunan and decided to do what yakunan did with people which was to train them.

Tora found a passage to Iros and found Dell. Tora listened to Dells story and understood how he felt so they decided to join together.

Birthday: July 13th 1997

powers: Tora is often called to be really fast by her enemies and can teleport in a flash of light but prefers to run.

Tora has orange nails, which turns to claws which happens when she gets extremely pis*ed off.

Tora has a doll which she likes alot. and is found carrying it often. she normally is holding it close to her chest. and when she sits down it sits on her lap.

Tora`s doll can come alive only if she is in desperate need of help and the doll is called " Miki ".

I will add more about her powers some other time.

Personality: Tora is very quiet and rarely talks but when you start talking to her she is mean and will awalys try and end the coverstion, the only person she will properly talk to is Dell.

extra info: When you look at Tora she seems to be a normal Teenager but when she gets mad its a different case.

appearance: 3476t5j.jpg

After: 246lysp.jpg

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Awesome OC. They have doll obsessions....

Exactly. My sad attempt at making things creepy.

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