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Chocolate and Phone and Ipad cases and- OMG WHY DO BANDAI DO THIS TO OUR WALLETS???

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So we've got our share of merch right? LOL Wrong.


Bandai are at it again, churning out more and more merch as we edge closer and closer to the reboot (it's like they're trying to destroy our wallets)


I've seen a decent amount of it posted on twitter and tumblr but I'll start with the most delicious (Apparently Naoko herself hasn't sampled them yet soooo I guess we should watch the Osabu-P twitter or something)



(then I turned into Usagi and Bandai stopped selling them because everyone was a magical girl and noooobody was special loljk, I'm quite sugar high)



Next thing on our list of japanese goodies are the new phone cases *more drooling* I really like the stained glass design and wish they had a samsung galaxy S3 one but alas, that's what I get for purposely getting an older gen phone (not by much mind you, it does the job)


On www.jlist.com there is a whole lot of other shiny stuff such as stationary, notepads, pens, pointers, pencil cases, diaries, stickers, notepads, shiny things, communicator cases (still dunno what they're for), Gashapon transformation broaches, giant SH figs, Bookmark/paperclip sets, cups, stickers po- nvm, makeup bags, makeup, nail art stuff, plushies, phone decals, shirts and more stickers than you can poke a moon stick at.


Now I must provide a warning for anyone here who is underage that there is some adult stuff on jlist (hentai doujinshi and some live action porn) so now that you know it's there don't say I didn't warn you.


Pages 1-3 if you search "Sailor Moon" are the most relevant before you get into all the random stuff and well ummm... porn.


moar linksies.


Sailor Moon tote bag (pretty but I'd probably try to pick the stitching to get rid of the panel that covers most of it): http://www.isetan.co...000000000392660


Moar Bags and how to order if you so wish: http://www.sailormoo...cks-from-japan/


Miracle Romance Eyeliner (I've seen some picture of the displays for this in japan and they're super pretty): http://p-bandai.jp/c...item-1000084084


Nail Sticker thingies that my nails are way too short for (not bitter about it): http://p-bandai.jp/i...tem-1000084119/


Shirts and how to do the thing: http://www.sailormoo...premium-bandai/


Oh right and I almost forgot the lip balm how silly of me: http://p-bandai.jp/c...item-1000084085


Sorry if this is a bit messy and all this stuff probably deserves several posts but I really could not be bothered with all that effort.


Please don't hate me, hate bandai for churning out so much pretty stuff.


Edit: Some more stuff has been officially announced/up for preorder so feel free to rob a bank for some of it (like the new crescent moon wand)


Brand new, very shiny and extremely close to the original we have a new crescent moon wand which was apparently on display at the theatre that had La Reconquista: http://www.jlist.com/product/PRE3237 Pretty pricey but god dammit so gorgeous and accurate.


Cushions, Hair bands and Rubber mats, their buying guides are up here: http://www.sailormooncollectibles.com/2013/10/16/new-sailor-moon-cushion-hair-tie-rubber-mat-from-premium-bandai/


And stuff we already knew about (but pricing guides are good so I figured I'd add it to this): http://www.sailormooncollectibles.com/2013/10/17/retail-prices-for-new-sailor-moon-stationery-coming-december-2013/

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Trying to figure out if I should waste my money that I saved all up...


I wasted some dosh at armageddon yesterday for the sailor moon S.H. Figuart but god dammit it was cheaper than the guys who I'd normally go to had it.


$65 is a better price than $89 and I'm getting extra faces.

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I done a dangerous thing yesterday by going on Ebay and typing 'Sailor Moon'.


And as for the new Zero figurines that come out in a few months... wow is all I can say about them!

Yes Bandai, we love and hate you in equal measure....


Taobao, J list, CD Japan and need I mention sailormooncollectibles.com (dangerous site that)


the amount of times I've gone on the official SM website and wept over all the new merch comes to about 5 times now

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