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Darassys one of Yuki and Coyanno's children

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Name: Darassys

Mother: Yuki . Father: Coyanno , Oldest Brother:
Oldest Sister:
Older Sister
Older Brother:
Older Sister: Summer Older Sister
, Older Brother: Micah, Older Sister: Rachel, Younger Sister:
Younger Brother: Conroy, Younger Sister:
Laina, Younger Brother Mathias, Younger Brother Tyico, Younger Sister Teakeya,
Long Lost Cousin: Justin Yuy.

March 30 year zyt3


Blood Type:

Astrological Sign:
Aries (elements inherit Air and Water plus many others are generational like his father’s)

Least Favorite:Colour: Puke Green

Favorite Colours: Gold and Black

Favorite Food:likes all food with one exceptions

Least Favorite Food:Blueberries

Likes: Getting into mischief, Dancing, Singing, Sparing, etc.

Dislikes: Cats and Spiders

Favorite Classes:Any form of art, and Marshall Art

Least Favorite Class: Math

Favorite Stone:All Stones


Personality: Darassys is mischievous, adventurous and outgoing he also very assertive as well independent. Another personality trait he has is being surprisingly trusting, Darassys as the ability to bounce back, no matter if the situation is bad or good. Darassys’s hope for a brighter future remain untouched when he has hardships. Darassys is he has a competitive nature he is very impulsive Darassys also likes to learn and ask questions. Darassys loves challenges accept when he feels trapped. Although sometimes if everything is running smoothly Darassys is quite capable of going out and doing something mischievous sometimes be quite foolish to rock the boat. Darassys loves to race where angels fear to tread.


Background: Darassys was born on the moon well Coyanno and Yuki were in the past trying to accomplish their mission of killing Yuki’s sister. To the age of seven Darassys was a very cling child. He would quite often play tricks on his older siblings when he got the chance this would make his older siblings very angry at him. Darassys was driven at a very young age to keep his parents apart until his seventh birthday which will be the year his younger sister Alayla is born.


Present Day: To this day Darassys still plays tricks on his older siblings when he got the chance this still make his older siblings very angry at him. His mischievous behaviour often lands him in detention at school. He is a good student though when he puts his mind to it and concentrates. Darassys is now married to Sanya and they rule the Earth's Sun together.


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Wow.. Is yuki tired? ( lol im just joking )

When I read the title I thought it was a girl but neither less, I love his blonde hair and so.. he his michevious then? And loves to play tricks..

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