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Sad, but true... English dub Voice Acting.

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So... here I am on the web and I'm looking up Creepypasta's. Alice in Wonderland ones in paticular. And I find a creepypasta for [this: http://creepypasta.w...e_in_Wonderland ] it's called MS Paint Alice in Wonderland. In the story (which is somewhat fake), the person mentions that they researched this movie on a wikipedia sort of site calles TV tropes in the section So bad it's horrible.


So, sure enough, me being curious, decided to see if this were real. It is. This movie actually exists. But that's not important, now what IS important is that I went and looked in the it's so bad it's horrible anime section. which got me looking into the voice acting section. I found a Sailor Moon one...


This is what it says:


When Cloverway took over the dubbing of Sailor Moon, a number of voice actors were switched out in the process. The one worst off of the bunch was Usagi/Serena herself, whose VA attempted to mimic her predecessor's voice ticks, but somehow made the character sound older than she should be. And the parts where she screams...!(though she did get better over time) Ironically, the VA for Chibi-Usa/Rini was actually better than her original, so it seemed like an odd trade-off! [Link: http://tvtropes.org/...ble/VoiceActing ]


Sadly this is true... Usagi Tsukino's voice is HORRIBLE in English... especially when she screams... or laughs. I'm sure we all remember Sailor Sun's video of Usagi laughing for 10 minutes straight in Black Dream Hole. I do.... ugh...


But... the article is right... she did get better over time...


... or did she?

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And this is new knowledge how? We all know Sugar is the best English voice for Rini and Usagi sucks sooo much. Go with something scarier next time...like incest instead of lesbians. You all know who I'm talking about...right?

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Terri Hawkes was a phenomical voice for serena.  she nailed it.  Her replacement that started in the latter part of the negamoon series tried and did get somewhat better, but it just didnt hold a candle (maybe due to sentimentality) to the Terri Hawkes voice.


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