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Sailor Supernova (Mercenary Senshi)

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Human Name: Miwa Nakamura


Age: 15


Family: Mikcoana/Sailor Milky Way (Older Sister)


Birthdate: June 20th


Sign: Gemini


Blood Type: B


Favorite Food: Spicy foods


Least Favorite Food: Fish, Liver and Blueberries


Favorite Stone: Coaemana


Likes: Playing around with people


Dislikes: Nothing


Personality: She tends to stick to a goal and follow it through to the end, no matter what. She is an individualist who doesn’t take orders from anyone but herself which can make her often seem very cold. Even when given a task to complete she'll follow her own orders on the task. However, when she has a goal she is actually more relaxed, laid-back, and unconventional than most other Senshi when completing it.


Background: Miwa lives with her older sister in a small two bedroom apartment. They get along like best friends and almost never have fights with each other. Her parents die when she was 12 but she didn’t really care since her parents were always fighting with each other. She likes her new life much more. The only person she will let get close to her emotionally is her sister. She goes to Usagi’s junior high school but has never met any of the senshi in their human forms.


Sailor Name: Sailor Supernova




Shock Wave: Radiation filled rays fly at the opponent and cause them to have a seizure.


Black Hole: A small black hole shoots out of her hand and sucks up the opponents attacks.


Stardust: Stardust appears and blinds the opponent like a thick fog.


Background: She was born on Saturn’s moon Pandora with her family. Her family was responsible for the destruction of stars to form Supernovas and controlling the Milky Way. She would admire her parents for their powers and started to train how to use them herself. When she perfected her power she had to do a test which required destroying a white dwarf star. Once she successfully completed the test, she received her parent’s powers based on Supernovas and became stronger. Her Father died when she was seven. Ever since then she shut off her feelings towards others and does not work for either the good side or bad side of things. She just gets what needs to be done, done.



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Cool, she could be one of my characters cousins that how similar. They look or they could be sisters even she looks so similar to Sailor Milky Way. I think that's cool. :chibiusa: Great OC.

LOL I never quite noticed that until now but I guess you're right. It does kinda look like Sailor Milky Way. :D If you want to use her for a family member for one of your characters go ahead. I don't mind. Just remember she is neutral and won't really take orders from anyone but herself.

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