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Younger Queen Serenity Asherrainium Serena, Nalani and Yuki's mother

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Name: Asherrainium Ora Orrainium
Sailor Identity: Sailor Silver Moon
Family: Father Anslam, Mother Asheary Queen Serenity,(twins) Older Sister Ashayla, Older Brother Rukin, Guardian cat Pearl, Uncle Anslam's evil twin brother Mibslam, Asherrainium's godfather, Sailor Plutairea Meyamo Asherrainium's godmother and boyfriend Yoamy  Leeam Bram-bowlish,

Birthday: June 21
Birthstone: Alexandrite
Blood Type: O
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Attitude: Very sweet but she can be Moody as well. She is a bundle of contradictions because of her astronomical sign. her moods change according to the moon's changes. She is compassionate and caring with friends, family and her lover as well as most other people.
Least Favorite:Colour: Black
Favorite Colours: she does have one like all
Favorite Food: anything that looks good
Least Favorite Food: Fish, Liver and Blueberries
Likes: Helping others, peace and Star gazing
Dislikes: Evil , Injustice and rude people especially young men
Favorite Classes: Language arts and Art
Least Favorite Class: none
Favorite Stone: Moon Stone

Powers and Attacks: power of the Moon Beam can frees her from enemies traps, she can hear people when they are nowhere around she thinks this might be caused by the crescent moon on her forehead but she’s not sure. Bladed Teiara Strike Attack the Teiara smooth until it leaves her hand then it becomes as sharp as a double edged sword then it strikes the enemy for a maximum four times. The Shanta Attack red beams of moonlight shine through the window if inside buildings if outside the moon just starts giving off red beams of light when the red moonlight hits the Moon Kingdom people they are either reminded of who is in charge or severely wounded depending on what they have done the red moonlight also heels allies. This happens most of the time when she gets mad or is in array severe danger this attack also works on the Skyatanzeaan's.(will be coming up with more if I think of them)

Powers and Attacks: Pearl the power to use the mind meld ability (that shows up in the TV show and is called The Luna Mind Meld) Pearl’s other abilities she can blind enemies using the power of her crescent moon she is very fast and agile and rarely gets trapped but when she does Midnight is always there to help. When she brings out her claws which rarely happens you know you are serious enemy or non enemy this is one sign that lets you know she is mad and in certain circumstances she can hypnotize enemies and make them think whatever she wants. (Will be adding more if I can think of anything)

Background: Asherrainium is destined to become leader of the Sailor Scouts. Her father forbids it but her mother trained her anyway when Asherrainium comes to her asking to be trained in the ways of a Sailor Scout. Asherrainium's guardian cat was her stuffed toy which Queen Serenity her mother may come to life by using the Silver Crystal. Perl's mother Satin was also a stuffed cat that belongs to Asheary Queen Serenity when she was little. She also brought to life as well using the Silver Crystal. Asherrainium and Pearl have pretty much been inseparable except for when Asherrainium goes to school.




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I will be adding stage 3 when I get to that part in my story and when people get tired of seeing these changes I made :D

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