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Rini's Horrible Dream chapter 1 (Not a Chibiusa/Rini Bashing Fic!)

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A/N: ok so here's how I Got this idea! See I Really hated the fanfic that the fanfic critic reviewed called, Rini's horrible Death. so I Decided to give it a better ending. I Hope I Did the right thing. Enjoy! (P.S. This story is gonna have 2 chapters)


Rini woke up screaming, breathing and gasping. Serena busted in the room and ran to Rini's side holding her.


"RINI! Are you okay ? What happened ? Did you have a nightmare ?"


Rini busted in tears and Cuddled in Serena's arms.


"Y-Yes!" She said, stiffing.


Serena cuddled her daughter tightly.


"What was the nightmare about Rini ?" She asked.


Rini wiped her eyes and nose, looking down at the covers, gripping them angerily.


"I Don't want to talk about" she said.


"What was it about Rini ? Please just tell me." Serena asked her again, Concerned.




Serena looked at Rini worried but she respect her daughter's wish not to talk about the dream.


"Okay Rini. We don't have to about it if you don't want to. I Just wanted to make sure you were okay"


Serena kissed Rini on the forehead.


"Goodnight Rini. We'll talk about this tomorrow in the morning if you're ready" Serena closed the door slowly.


Rini wiped a tear from her eye and cuddled her stuffed bunny that was beside her. She looked at it sadly.


"Oh Mr. Bunny. I Had the most terrible nightmare. I Had a dream that Serena was doing very horrible things to me and I just don't know how she would reaction if I Tell her. You'll protect me, won't you Bunny ?" Rini talked to her stuffed bunny about nightmare for a few mintues until she got tired.


Rini yawned.


"It was nice talking to you Mr. Bunny, Thanks for listening. Maybe If I Go to sleep with you the nightmare won't come back again" She closed her big reds and fell fast asleep with the stuffed bunny in her arms.


Hope you enjoyed the chapter :) I'd gotta say That fanfic Rini's horrible death was just plain awful, mindless and evil! When I Heard it from the Fanfic critic, I Felt like crying :( How could you write something like about a child getting killed and on top of that getting by her OWN MOTHER ?! The one who loves and protects her no matter how Rini is mean to her sometimes and heck, Serena would never do anything like to ANYONE especially Her FUTURE DAUGHTER! SMH! Sickos these days! >.< I Will update soon!

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Personally I think the idea of Serena killing Rini is an awesome fan fiction. It's not sick in my eyes...but then again I enjoy reading about other's deaths. This chapter is really short. Luckily it is written well.

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I'm very busy with my fanfiction project but I do want to read other people's work, so I thought I'd start with this short piece of fanfic. Very good beginning. I'll read the conclusion now.

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