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Sailor WTF

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Yeah...I was dared so I made it. Anyone can take her, I really don't care.

Human Name: Sumie Hachirobei

Age: 15

Birthdate: January 21st

Sign: Aquarius

Blood Type: AB

Likes: funny cat videos, random words and conversations, sea salt ice cream

Dislikes: boring conversations, lectures

Personality: bubbly and light hearted. She’s like a little kid, but isn’t afraid to swear at someone in randomness

Background: Sumie lives a normal life in a family of four. She has a mother, a father, and a younger brother. She is most known around the city for her knowledge on random facts that have to do with nothing and being able to know every single joke invented; bad or not.


Sailor Name: Sailor WTF


Internet Memes: annoys you with internet memes

Nyan Cat Flash: Nyan cat shows up and flies in front of you

Horrible Jokes: That’s right…horrible jokes are used to stun you

She also fights in hand to hand combat

Background: She basically loved to watch the Sailor Scouts and decided to be one herself. So she trained with a wizard on earth and gained summoning powers. This is how she does her attacks. She isn’t royalty and her planet she comes from is Earth. The rest of the Sailor Scouts and villains do not take her seriously.


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All for you Miss. Queen :D

Evil Henchmen: Excuse me we got a new enemy!

Evil Queen: Oh who?

Evil Henchmen: .... Umm Her name is Sailor Wtf.

Evil queen: What?

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