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Yamato Fumio- Training to be a fifith Shitennou

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He is the past lover of Misao and is training to be one of the generals.


Name: Yamato Fumio

Age: 23

Guardian planet: He came from the Planet Uranus.

Occupation: Before the fall of the Moon kingdom he was training to be a general and was inspired by the generals to be one and was deeply in love with Misao.

Background: Was raised as a strong and a inteligent boy and was in the magic school in Uranus. His good grades sent him to the Acadmey in the Moon kingdom and was trained by Kunzite and zoisite.He was sent on missons to spy on earth for Queen Serenity and visted all the planets and met the royal queens and princesses aka the sailor Senshi and there mothers. Yamato awalys did what Misao said and protected her but when he died thoses habits rubbed of onto Misao and Akaya.


How he met the three sisters: As he was meeting the senshi of the solar system he met sailor Triton who introduced him to her sisters Misao and Akaya and fell in love with Misao beauty. When he was wasnt on missons he went to Triton and gave gifts to misao and before the signs of Metaila coming he admited his feelings for her. Misao loved him back and they both started dating which made the planet of Uranus and Triton come closer as since Princess neptune was deeply in love with the princess of Uranus.


Powers: He had the power of wind and can summon creatures but his favourite kind was Birds. His favourite bird was a african crowned eagle. He is very strong at dodging attacks and can teleport with a gust of wind.

best colour: Blue


Appearance: 5p0x2g.jpg

dislikes: People who destroyed the Moon kingdom and animal haters.

His where abouts now: He is inside of the crystals that tuxedo kamen keeps.

likes: Misao,The senshi and animals and birds

Favourite food: Salads ( hehe )

Favourite dessert: Donuts

Favourite drink: Tea

Who he does in his freetime: He would be doing extra studying or Visting his home Planet Uranus and going back to Triton to see his beloved Misao.

Least favourite lesson: Art. He is not the type to draw.

Favourite lesson: Geography because he loves learning about the climate of earth.

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Well, we both like Salad which is good, but I think he hates me. After all, I sent Beryl and Metalia on the Moon Kingdom.

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Yip that is true probably all my OCs hate your OC apart from Hoshimi.

I added the salads for laughs

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