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RP- Dark Moon Arc

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So here's the deal guys. I want to play. Unfortunately not many of you are old enough to play in the 18+. That's fine. I know that there is currently another game taking place at the moment. If anyone has a problem with two games running at once please let me know.


For the sake of having more people play, this game will be kept within the rating of the anime. There may be mention of earthly things (drugs, sex, death, etc.) but they will only be hints. Or at least I can promise that from myself.


I will be playing Gemini, Nehelenia, the Amazon Trio/Quartet (maybe), Eros and Psyche, and whatever other one shot characters the story requires from me. This is my first forum rp.









" My dear sweet Gemini, It is the age of Silver. The white Moon Kingdom has been at peace since Galaxia. The culture that witch Queen Serenity has cultivated is no good for the progress of life. My people are restless and tired of the propaganda that has been spread about our kingdom..."


"Those who condemned us to this life of "evil" must pay for their sins my love.."



"I've been sealed away in this mirror for far too long. It is time I take my place on the throne. To be released from this mirror, the stones must be gathered. They are hidden within the people of this land. I know you have your own agenda. The Circus is at your disposal. Find them and bring them to me."

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