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Sailor Scouts Poll

Sailor Scouts  

18 members have voted

  1. 1. Who is yor favourite sailor scout of all time?

    • Sailor Moon
    • Sailor Mercury
    • Sailor Mars
    • Sailor Jupiter
    • Sailor Venus
    • Sailor Chibimoon
    • Sailor Neptune
    • Sailor Uranus
    • Sailor Pluto
    • Sailor Saturn
    • Sailor Star Fighter
    • Sailor Star Maker
    • Sailor Star Healer
    • Sailor Chibi-chibi
    • Any of the evil ones in Stars (please state which one in the forum)
    • Tuxedo Mask
    • Sailor Luna

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My vote came very close. I like Sailor Iron Mouse from Stars, and I also like Neptune and Saturn, but ultimatly, I choose Uranus for 2 reasons.


1. She's so freaking cool

2. She's hot.


I'm a girl, and straight, but I will definatley go lesbian for Uranus!

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wow 3 for 3 between Sailor Moon and Sailor Neptune. Sailor Moon is my favorite, i really enjoyed watching Usagi's growth as a leader

:Sailor Moon 1: 

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I have three but I will put the one I started out with as my favorite on here. As you know I also like Chibimoon and tuxedo mask.  :chibiusa: I will say it is hard because I absolutely love Chibimoon but I cannot betray my first favorite or tuxedo mask.

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