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TheLegend009's Intro

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Hey Clubsailormoon members!

I thought I should introduce my self too.


My Name is James and I live in NewYork


My favorite episode of Sailor Moon is the last and the first episode.


I have watched Sailormoon on Cartoon Network when I was small and it went offline.

At that time I didn't know much about the internet and couldn't watch the episodes but now i'm watching it again on ClubSailorMoon's Channel on youtube.


My favorite Sailor Scout is Sailor Jupiter, she is hot tall and strong :D


Well this is not the best Introduction but it will do see you around on the forums!!

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No it's a good introduction. By first and last episodes of Sailor Moon, do you mean:

1. The first and last episodes of season one?

2. The first epiosdes of season 1 and the last epsiode of season 4?

3. The frist episode of season one and the last epiosde of Stars?


And it's good to see someone from somewhere other than Canada for once. Welcome.

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