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RP-Star Light Legend Sign Up

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Welcome to the Star Light Legend Sign up

Here is where the Rules,Story,and other info about SLL will be

Please Post the char you want to use and wethter they are Hero, Villain, Or Civillain


I would like 4 other Hero chars at the least (5 in total snice i will be using my own)

1 Lead villain and 2 suboraint Villains (They will be Remenats of the Nega-Froce)

Civ's and open to come and go as they please


This RP Must follow the All basic rules of 13+ RP rules. as well as one other minor rule


Added Rule: Villains can have as many Underlings as they wish but these underlings are expenpedable and if defeated once they are gone for good (Another villain with the same name can be used just not same powers)((This rule is stated as to avoid running out of villains to use))(((Of course I the host will be controling the Real foe for this RP)))


Note that Heroes and villains will have to separate Fourms to avoid overflowing the Fourm to much. there will be a Commons Fourm as well for daily street things that happen,this will also be the main fourm for fights.


So. On with the story.


A Strange Occernce has been happening for almost 6 months now. Stars across space have been Dying, But not naturally, Sciencetist are baffeled by this and unsure what could be causing such odd things. Natrually Remenats of the Nega-Froce being accused by the scouts. But the threat is greater then the Nega-Froce alone could ever pose. Now A strange warrior by the name of Galatca Knight Ras Elased comes to warn the scouts of this threat.


So. There you have it. So sign up and have fun


Current Cast


Name - Controled By

1-Sailor Trition - imsophiandiluvzoi

2-Galatca Knight Sol - Nebula-Knight

3-Sailor Chaos - i_katelyn

4-Sailor Europa- l i g h t



Ras Elased Means Head of the Loin

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Hello! I would like to join this role play game please. I am going to use my Sailor Trition that I created. You can look at it in the Oc section and I would like to be a Hero.

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