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Cassy Hattori 63: An Introduction!

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Hey there! My username is CassyHattori63, but my name is Cassy Hattori! I'm 20 years old (My birthday is September 30!), Bloodtype o, Brown hair and Blude eyes.


I can be a bit forgetful and klutzy, and my worst fears are clowns, vantriliqist dummies that look like slappy, and spider, but only when they crawl on me.


I am a professional manga- ka (Comic Artist specializing in Japanese style), and Animator. My company(-ish) is called Hanami63.


I have a Deviant Art account here:


Cassy Hattori:http://cassyhattori63.deviantart.com/



I have Youtube accounts too:





I am working on my websites.


My favorite foods are: Pocky, Chocolate, well, basically anything sweet.

Favorite Drink: Coffee, Juice (Not apple or Orange), Mocha Lattes

Favorite Subject: Animation

Favorite catchphrase: "In the name of (Insert whatever you want here), I will Punish you!", Nante ne! (Just Kidding/ Whatever)

Favorite things: South Park, Anime, Manga, Vocaloid, Hello Kitty

Least Favorite food: Mustard, anything apple flavoured (Actual apples are the exception)

Least Favorite drink: Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Plain Lattes and Cappicino

Least Favorite Subject: Math and Science, Dance

Least Favorite catchphrase: "That's the plan Stan" (I hate the Stan part.)

Least Favorite Things: Breakable doll (Except for Ball joint dolls fro Japan), well, I've already explained the other stuff earlier.


I hope we all become good friends through our love of Sailor Moon and Anime!


Jya! ;)

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Hey your 20 years old cool so am I wow from your intro you look like a huge fan!!


Hey, thanks! I worked really hard on it and tried to make it sound like Usagi's.


I am a big fan, I grew up watching it, and it's one of the few anime I can never get tired of. (Unlike Naruto where I don't even watch the good episodes anymore.)


Are you a big fan of Sailor Moon too?

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