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Role Play Characters for 18 and Up

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Welcome to the ClubSailorMoon role playing section, for 18 years olds and over. Here you must post a relpy saying what character you're going to be in the 18 up section.

Please note:

You can only use your own OC or actual Sailor Moon Characters

You are allowed to be a villain

There are no auditions. The roles are given on a first come first serve basis

18 years and up are allowed to Role Play in the 13 up section, but you must dib another character under that subsection. Also, the rules are slightly differnt, so please make sure to read them beforehand.

This being said, have fun!

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I'm sort of new to forums. I would like very much to play as a vilians. Nehelenia. Definately. I'll work on my profile more tonight. Nice meeting you all. :)

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