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ClubSailorMoon Role Playing Section for Ages 13 and Up

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Welcome to the ClubSailorMoon role playing section, for 13 years olds and over. Here are some rules you must follow to stay in the Role playing conversations.


Do not start duplicate topics.

If you want to start another Role Playing script, then plaese put a different title than any other ones.

Stay on Topic

Please follow the previous reply so that the story flows properly. If you decide to change the scene, plaese indicate this at the top of your reply.

Don't double post

If you want to add something else and no one has posted a relpy to your reply, then please just edit instead of posting a new reply. If someone has replied to your reply, then you must post a new reply.

Respect other users

Your characters can do what they want, but if you do something just to anger another member for no reason, this is a violation.

Use proper english language and formating

No swear words

No swear words are allowed at all in this forum. However, mild words seen as bad (eg. crap, damn) are allowed.

You have to dibs your characters

In the forum topic Role Play Characters, please post a reply stating the character you want to play. You can use your Original Characters (OC's), however their profile must be posted in the OC section of the forum.

Don't copy other people's chracters.

There can't be two of any characters. For example, two people can't be Sailor Moon and whoever is Sailor Moon must also be Serena/Usagi. If someone else has already dibs a OC with your OC, but they made the OC profile before you, then they are that character.

No fighting between others for any reason other than the purpose of the game

Don't start a fight outside of fighting the villans of your chracter. For example, someone playing Sailor Moon says she fell down. You can comment on her clumsiness if your character saw this, but you can't say "that's a dumb thing to do".

No erotic Role play

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I am going to make a Role play topic but I am not quite sure what the plot is going to be.

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