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Which Villan group was the best?

Best Villan group?  

18 members have voted

  1. 1. You favourite out of all of them?

    • Dark kingdom
    • Black Moon clan
    • Death busters
    • Dead Moon circus
    • Sailor Animates?

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Vote for what villan group you think is the best.

I love the dark kingdom mainly because im a fangirl of certain Characters but I would go with the black moon clan because I think they are just well I have no clue actually.


- You probably know what characters im a fangirl of.

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I have to say Death Busters. Not even just because of Kaorinite and her flowing auburn locks. :rolleyes:

Naah, it was Tomoe's maniacal laughter that sold it for me. Mwahahahahahahaha......



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