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Who Should Be Leader?

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Sailor Mars or Jupiter. They're have a lot of strength


Mercury because she's very patient and smart


Sailor Uranus because she gets what she wants but is far too impatient.


Basically anyone could run 'be the leader' but there's a reason why Sailor Moon is the leader. ;)

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Sailor Venus, she has the most experience out of it the Sailors, and she has a good mix of of personality traits without going to one extreme. Sailor Mercury I don't see as being a leader because she is naturally a bit too soft and not that bold. Mars is too much of a hothead. I don't see Jupiter as wanting to be the leader.

Venus is bold, brave, and experienced. I see her as taking wisdom from all the Sailors

And basically she is a more mature Usagi when it comes down to it. While Usagi is the princess, she really doesn't have the maturity I think.

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