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Posted 13 November 2012 - 09:15 PM

Club Sailor Moon Forum Rules!

General Rules

1.0.1 Respect other users.
While there may be disagreements on a subject, or personal disliking between people, everyone should be respectful of others thoughts and views.
Addition: "Calling people out" in public threads is disallowed. Take your disagreements to private PM; insulting another member publicly and starting drama is now subject to warning and/or bans.

1.0.2 Don't Spam
If you add reply to a topic, please make sure that your reply adds to a discussion; posting meaningless replies like one-word sentences ("Cool", "Agree", "Bump", etc.) or smiles-only replies is not allowed.

1.0.3 Do not start duplicate topics
If there is a thread on a certain topic that you would like to discuss, please keep the topic to that thread instead of starting a new one.

1.0.4 Stay on topic.
If you post in a thread, please keep the thread as close to the original post's topic as possible.

1.0.5 Do not double post.
Double posting is posting more than one time in a row in a thread in a very short time frame (less than 5 hours). Double posting is not allowed. If you want to add something to post you just made, please edit the newly made post, rather than making a new one.

1.0.6 Replying To Old Post
You are allowed to reply to any post that is old, as long as it is irrelevant now, for example you reply to a thread made in 2012 about "What you got for Christmas" that is no longer irrelevant. If you reply to a topic that ask what your favorite scout it and it was made in 2012, you are allow to reply to that.

1.0.7 Do not swear.
Using bad language (including bad language with letters replaced by asterisks, dots, or any other symbols) is not allowed.

1.0.8 No mini moderating.
Unless you are an official moderator, please do not act as one. If you believe that some other forum member is acting against forum rules, please press the report button. Don't comment saying that a topic should be deleted, that one should be banned, etc. If you have a particular concern about a certain post, use "report" button or send a private message to forum administration.

Responding to troll posts (especially those from banned members ) will not be tolerated. It only encourages the troll to continue posting for attention and to get a reaction. If you aren't sure if a post is a troll post...don't post in the thread just to be safe.

1.1.0 Use proper English language and formatting.
Don't type in all capital letters or in all lowercase. Don't type all your posts in big or in color fonts. Capital letters, big and color fonts should be used only for highlighting particular words/sentences, not for entire posts.

1.1.1 Posting Sailor Moon-related pictures (and other materials) with explicit (hentai) content not allowed.
Please don't post explicit picture, this is friendly community, doing so may result in a warning or a ban.

1.1.2 No Advertising
Posting link(s) to another site is okay as long as it relates to the topic. All other links are not allowed.



ALLOWED: If you are talking about where to to watch Sailor Moon and a link to SailorMoonTV.com is posted that is fine.

NOT ALLOWED: You are talking about Sailor Moon Crystal and someone post a link to NBA then that is not allowed.


You may post links to your Social Media on your signature/profile but not on a topic unless the post is relevant. Linking to your webiste is only allowed on your profile, unless it is relevant to the topic.

1.1.3 Don't quote entire posts.
When using the quote button to reply to posts, delete the text that is not relevant to the comments that you are going to make.

1.1.4 Provide descriptive titles to new threads, related to their content and giving an idea on what they are about.
If, for instance, you want to post to YouTube about Theme Song you made, giving your new thread title like "Sailor Moon-Season 1 Theme Song (Youtube)" is definitely better than something like "Youtube video", and so on.

Shoutbox/Chat Room Rules

2.0.0 All General Rules Apply Here Too!

2.0.1 Do not use a lot of smiles
if you can't read the shout box then you are using too many.

2.0.2 Do not use big font
Please use a respectable size!

2.0.3 No advertising
ABSOLUTELY NO advertising of any kind in the Shout Box/Chat Room

PM System Rules

3.0.0 General Rules Apply here too!

3.0.1 Don’t abuse/spam using the PM system.
Don't spam/abuse the PM system! Doing so will result in a ban

3.0.2 No offensive PM allowed
If you receive an offensive private message, forward it to a staff member

3.0.3 No Advertising
No advertising in PM at all! iIf you find someone advertising something, forward it to a staff member

Signature/ Avatar Rules

4.0.0 Any Avatars are allowed
You may use any avatar you wish as long as it is not offensive or contain explicit materials.

4.0.1 Any Signature is allowed
You may use any signature you wish as long as it is not offensive or contain explicit materials.

4.0.2 No Advertising in Signature
You may not advertise a website in your signature, this includes images with links. You are allowed to have a link to social media sites ie. Facebook, Twitter etc.

4.0.3 Signature Image size
Although we don't limit the size, you should try to make it reasonable size (nothing to big), don't add too many images that it makes posts look really big.

4.0.4 Number of Signature Images
We don't have a limit that forces the amount of images you may have, but we allow 2 reasonable size images or more if they are smaller, don't add too many images that it makes posts look really big.

Gallery Rules

5.0.0 Don't post small images
Images that are small and hard to see are not allowed.

5.0.1 Offensive and or explicit materials are not allowed
posting offensive and or explicit materials are not allowed and will result in a ban

*If any of these rules are broken you may get banned or receive a warning (depending on rule broken)
*Admins/Mods have the right to ban a member with or without a reason
*Rules are subject to change, you should check these often
*Some sections have their own set of rules, please follow them as well as keeping General Rules in mind
*If you have any comments or concern about the rules PM XXZero

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