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I only used this name because I know quite a few people from Discord know me by this.
My name is Veni.
I'm 28 years old and I live in Florida, USA.
My first love is my Husband and my second is Sailor Moon.
I prefer Manga to 90's anime, but I'm well versed in most things Sailor Moon.
My least knowledgable universe is the Sera Myu-verse.
I suppose I could be called "Obsessed".. lol. I do prefer the term "Moonie", though.

My reasons for loving Sailor Moon are probably from the vast amounts of factual things spread throughout the story. From the Mythological aspect to the use of Geology. I'm also completely biased towards the Moon as it's my favorite part of the night sky. (So, the fact it's called "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" drew me in.) I have too many images saved from official work to my own creations for it to be healthy and if I were rich I'd probably own as many collectibles as I could. 
Feel free to friend me~ :3


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