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The greatest Idol ever, Rejoins, misssed ya guys and girls

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Hi there im back, I really missed you guys and i´ll try to be more active now, which is gonna be difficult since my schedule is sooooooo long. anyway you may remember me as sailormoon3210 or sailorchibimoon....or Nico Yazawa, i was the guy with the Powerbook G4, yes that guy. well now i am back with an HP Envy 360x laptop and i´ll be as active as possibe. maybe even get back into writing Oc´s. sad that my old ones are gone. Im learning to code C/C# in school so if anyone has knowledge with that i´ll welcome the help. 


So i´m done introducing myself now. 


have a wonderfull day 

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Welcome back, good to see you again :D


I vaguely remember you having a powerbook, glad you upgraded :D

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