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Hello, I am EarthFae

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Hey, I am SailorEarthfae, that is based on my fictionpress/fanfiction author name Earthfae. My biggest hobby is writing, and I am trying to get one of my completed stories self-published while working new ones. In fact I took a break out of working on a new chapter to make this profile. I have only written one Sailor Moon oneshot as fanfiction, so far.

I have been a Sailor Moon fan since I was young. I was rather late to the game and only saw S and Super S on Toonami it was only until years later when youtube first came out (God, I feel old saying that) that I finally got to watch Classic and R in the original Japanese. The uploader didn't make it to S, so I never fully saw it in the original. I got the manga when it was released. 

I am a fan of the original anime, manga, and PGSM. I have never seen the musicals. I personally don't care for Crystal at all. 


My favorite Senshi are Sailor Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune. I love all Sailors, (Except Chibi-Usa) but those are my favorite, but I am probably most like Ami since I tend to be soft spoken and a nerd, and I love swimming. I also can relate to Usagi with being clumsy and rather insecure. I would personally love to be like Neptune the most with her elegance and classiness. 


My couples are Usagi/Mamoru, Usagi/Diamond, Usagi/Rei, Neptune/Uranus, Mercury/Jupiter, Rei/Venus (PGSM) Usagi/Ami (PGSM) Shittenou/Senshi with Jadeite/Rei being my favorite.


I hope that wasn't too long. I need to get back to writing now.

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