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Sailor Moon Crystal Act 21 Discussion

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I found it to be creeper them I remember especially prince Diamond and Phantom but I still enjoyed the act a lot. It was more grownup in my eyes compared to the 90's  one. I also liked the flashbacks as well I see what you mean when you said Pluto and King Endemean (not sure if spelled correctly) had a thing EliseAyumu..


Off topic sorry my speech pregame isn't working again so had to hand type all this. So be patient with me well typing for the next few days thanks. I will get my point across even if there are selling errors.  :chibiusa:

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I am enjoying the second half of R than I have the rest of Crystal which isn't saying much because I am not a fan. I have been wanting this episode for a while since I am a Diamond fangirl, and was so glad at the kiss. (Yes, I know it is wrong) 


I did like how fleshed out Chibiusa is here and this is coming from someone who doesn't like her that much. 


Anyone else find it weird that the king of Crystal Tokyo was casually strolling the streets with his daughter without protection. Isn't that like Obama walking around with his daughters in Washington D.C without secret service? I know Crystal Tokyo is peaceful...but come on. Surely, some citizen would want a photo with the King and Princess

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I felt this episode was all over the place with all those flashbacks that don't exactly connect with each other. Like I thought the crystal formed around Neo Queen Serenity when prince Demande was going to attack chibi-usa but later on it showed crystal formed when the crystal was taken.


Prince Demande Is kinda cool

The kiss felt odd, I still wonder how he dressed her

I hate the 3rd eye

Chibi-Usa is 900 years old!!! I did not know that

Time for Wicked Lady, Chibi-usa is much better as Wicked Lady

I like how Usagi is worried about another man kissing her

It's been a while since we saw the other senshi

If a wired dude is telling you to go somewhere you go okay!


To black moon you should kill the senshi and Sailor Moon right now before backup arrives :)



How many times did Usagi get 30%


Screenshot (81).png


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