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Sailor Moon R Part 2 alternate take Chapter 11

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Ever since Catzi had been healed from the brainwashing she had grown up with she had been hiding out of sight at the Cherry Hill Temple. The Sailor Scouts had revealed their secret identities to her and she had realized that her life would now be in danger. "None of the others will listen to me. I can't go back to them. I will probably be branded as a traitor to our cause and even my own sisters will call for my execution. I must hide myself. But where?"
Seeing how immensely distressed she was Raye had made the same offer to her that she had given to Jedite, Titus and Dream Dolly when they had defected from Queen Beryl's army. "I'll keep you safe in a spare room here at the temple. You won't need to worry. My magic charms will keep you hidden from everybody else around here. Only we shall know you're living here and I'll make sure you get all your needs met."
"Oh thank you so much. Please try to liberate my sisters and all the others including Rubeus." Catzi realized now that Rubeus had not been in his right mind when he treated that gift of the bottle of aftershave with such mean contempt. She remembered better days when their relationship had been happy and joyful. It had only started to become tainted when they had come to the past on their twisted mission.
"I do so solemnly swear that I shall save all the rest of your clan," promised Sailor Moon.
"We all will and also destroy the real source of evil that was controlling you," vowed all the Sailor Scouts and Catzi was so grateful to them and so relieved to be free and protected.

Thus she stayed hidden for more than a week and the rest of the Black Moon Clan had come to the assumption that she must have perished in her personal solo mission. Birdy had been the most upset about this and cried bitterly. Avery and Prizma were also feeling sad and blue, though they didn't shed any tears and Rubeus did cry a little. He wasn't sorry at all for the way he had upset her over the present she had given to him the last time he had ever seen or spoken to her however. The power exerted over him by the Wiseman had completely clouded his rationality and blinded his perceptions in full by this time. Hypnotica and Thunderclap offered him condolences, but they did not hug him. Birdy's friends, Frosty and Droido knew what would happen if they put their arms around Birdy while she was crying and so did she. So the three of them went off to private quarters. All the same the rest of the team watched them as Birdy walked off sobbing and her friends followed a small distance behind her. They all sensed the others' eyes drilling into their backs and they were hurt and confused.
With the door shut Frosty and Droido were fawning all over Birdy offering her tissues, which she eagerly accepted, blowing her nose and dryiong her eyes. Then as she was hugged tight by both her friends Droido spoke, "We deeply sympathize with the loss you have sustained Birdy dear."
"Yes, you can come to us anytime for comfort," added Frosty.
Birdy hugged them round their shoulders and said gratefully, "Thank you both so much. If, if only my remaining sisters were like you. I can't understand why they won't show proper grief and offer appropriate comfort. None of the others will either. But at least Rubeus did cry a little."
Droido said, "That's right. I remember how much he and Catzi were in love."
Frosty added, "Even when our relationships began to mysteriously turn less harmonious, they still stayed devoted to each other. Still he was kind of mean and cold to her."
"Yeah. I think she was actually rather angry with him when she left because of the way he smashed that small bottle of aftershave she'd given him. I have a feeling it was the last straw." Droido said this and Birdy remembered many a time he said or did things that deeply upset Catzi. She was surprised she had tolerated him for so long. But there was no point in dwelling upon it now.
"Catzi's gone now girls and Rubeus must learn to live without her, just like the rest of us. Let's not keep dredging up the past. It's over now."
She began to sob once more as she said this and her two friends directed her to sit down on the edge of the bed with them so they could continue to quietly cuddle with her and show their heart-felt care and concern.

Suddenly there was a pounding on the door and Thunderclap's loud, booming voice made them all jump to startled attention where they all sat together.
Thunderclap always startled them when she raised her voice like that. It shocked even Birdy out of her grief and she stood with knocking knees gritting her teeth.
"L-l-let's go girls."
Frosty and Droido were already on their feet trembling. They knew better than to keep their commander's waiting. Especially Thunderclap.

Gathered together Rubeus said, "We have a visitor coming for an important briefing."
As soon as he'd spoken the holographic image of the Grim Man appeared holding his customary scythe. The Wiseman was not with him for once. "First of all let me pass on our deepest sympathies from all of us in the future, including the prince. We are sorry to hear that so many have now lost their lives in our cause for justice to be served."
"Thank you Grim Man." Rubeus was almost tearful again thinking of Catzi and the Grim Man went on to deliver his message.
"The Wiseman has discovered another Crystal Point."
They all gasped as Hypnotica said, "Er. But we thought there were only five?"
"So did we all in the future. However the Wiseman has realized that there is one more that had escaped our attention. It is in this building where next week a Grand Chess Competition is to take place."
A holographic picture of a building designed in the shape of the chess piece known as a rook or a castle appeared over the Grim Man's hooded head.
"We want Birdy to capture it and Droido and Frosty to offer her assistance. and if the kid shows up, capture her. If the Sailor Scouts show up, destroy them."
Birdy and her friends were rather taken aback at being specifically chosen to undertake this sudden assignment. But they were loyally obedient and said they would make plans to infiltrate the event. "If I disguise myself as a human and enter the competition," said Birdy, "my friends can be hidden as audience members ready to help me when I need them."
The Grim Man said, "Sounds like an excellent plan. I will leave you now to ready yourselves. Good luck."
Rubeus and the others all thanked the Grim Man as he departed taking the picture of the building with him.

Birdy said to the gathering, "I'd like to discuss plans with my friends in privacy please."
"Very well. But when you all decide on your full course of action then let us know immediately," said Rubeus.
Even Avery and Prizma were respectful as the trio departed. Though they still half-frowned since they always guessed that they cuddled each other when they were alone.
But Birdy wasn't worried about that. As they were walking to their room she was remembering scenes from long ago.
She was only a little girl of six years old and her two friends were also the same age as her. Back then they were not known as Droido and Frosty. Their names had been Rebecca and Julie and they had been ordinary little human girls. Except that they had sported the mark of the upside-down dark crescent moon on their foreheads, like all the other clan members including their best friend Birdy.
One day they had been playing together on a distant asteroid. The three of them were holding hands and running in a circle, singing together. "Ring, a-ring, a-rosies. A pocket full of posies. A-choo! A-choo! We all fall down."
Thus they had all fallen down on their backs, laughing joyfully. But next thing they'd known, Birdy's big sister Catzi had been standing over them looking down. As they curiously looked up at her, she had said, "Pardon me Birdy. The Wiseman and the Grim Man have selected your playmates to be given special, unique powers."
Birdy remembered very well what had taken place. She and her friends had gone with Catzi trustingly to see their mentors and guardians who were looking after them all. A boy of about eleven years old stood next to the Wiseman and the Grim Man. The Wiseman had spoken. "We have enlisted Sapphire here with the privelege of helping us equip most of the girls to become what we will call the Droid Warrior Forces. Rebecca, please step forward to Sapphire."
Rebecca obediently approached and the boy called Sapphire took a large, red gem that the Wiseman handed to him. He pressed it firmly against the Dark Moon symbol on Rebecca's forehead. It seemed to sink into her forehead, the mark appeared in the middle of the jewel, her skin turned pale-blue and her hair grew long and blue-green.
The Grim Man said, "You are the first of our Droids. In recognition from now on your name will be Droido."
Next Sapphire placed a round, metallic hat on her head with a long tube end a hollow ball dangling down to her waist. He said to her, "This resembles a perfume dispenser. Your powers will be centered around a make-up theme. This is your most powerful weapon."
He directed her attention to a tall tree. "Open your eyes and mouth as wide as you possibly can and squeeze the ball pump. Just do it and see what happens."
Droido tried her best, though she faltered a little. Her fingers struggled to grip the pump, but she did manage to squirt some acidic liquid out of her mouth. The small jet hit a branch of the tree and ate it away, making it snap off and fall to the ground. Droido was astonished and Sapphire urged her to keep practicing.
Next Julie was called forward and the Wiseman gave Sapphire a silver headress with a blue gem set in the center. As he placed it on Julie's head, her mark disappeared and reappeared inside the gem. Her skin turned the purest bright white and her hair blue. She immediately felt her temperature drop below freezing, but somehow she didn't mind.
Sapphire said to her, "Now you take a deep breath and exhale towards that same tree."
She blew as hard as she could and feeble it was. But all the same she saw that her breath had frozen the leaves at the end of two branches solid. She was awestruck and the Wiseman said, "You see what your power is? You shall be appropriately known as Frosty. We expect you and Droido to both practice hard each day to master your attacks. One day you will use them to fight against the people who brutally murdered your families."

Birdy remembered how proud and excited she had felt about her friends then and as she entered the room she began to cry again remembering Catzi and also thinking about what could happen to her friends as well.
"Are you all right?"
Turning to her friends with tears she hugged them both. "Frosty. Droido. Please promise me to stay hidden disguised in the audience until I take care of Sailor Moon when she inevitably turns up. I love you both so very much and if you are killed I will surely die of grief. Losing Catzi has been bad enough."
They hugged her back and answered in turn.
"Of course. We understand."
"But how will you defeat her? We don't want to lose you either."
"I'm thinking of an idea that I'm sure will work. It will hopelessly trap her and the other Sailor Scouts too. They won't be able to attack us and they'll be at our mercy instead. Listen and I'll explain."
Then she whispered close to their ears as her tears dried with the eager excitement of her plan.

But what none of the members of the clan knew was that they were being progressively set up. There really was no extra Crystal Point and the prince and their allies in Crystal Tokyo did not know that the Grim Man had been to deliver this message to them in the past. He and the Wiseman had their own secret agenda and the Black Moon Clan were all their pawns to suit their purpose and be discarded one by one when they were no longer needed. They fully trusted them and believed they had rescued them from dying at the hands of the forces of the queen of Crystal Tokyo. But, as Catzi now knew, they were the real enemy. She had been able to escape the deadly spider web with her life. Three of the Droids had already died. Could the Sailor Scouts succeed in saving those who were left?

Meanwhile Serena and her friends were very excited because Amy had decided to enter the Chess Competition. But even though her friends all told her they were confident she would surely win she was very modest and told them with a blushing smile, "Well I can't promise anything. But I'll do my very best."
She did know she was exceptionally good at the game among her other brainy talents, but she still liked to keep an open mind that somewhere, somebody may be a match even for her. However she did have something to be very excited about herself, because her long-distance boyfriend Greg was making a special trip to watch her compete. They hadn't seen each other in person since the final climactic battle against the alien invasion force who had been keeping that unusual tree hidden in an apartment complex, although they were still chatting regularly through Skype. They were both looking forward to spending time together and Amy's parents had prepared the guest bedroom so he could stay with them.
The other girls were looking forward to seeing Greg also. Serena was secretly hoping that Greg would let her know whether Amy would become the champion or not.

Amy was also old friends with the elderly gentleman who had spent a fortune on building the unique structure where the Competition would be held. He dearly loved chess and he was very rich, so he could easily afford to pay for the construction. Not only was the main building in the shape of a rook. The outer area's gardens were dotted with figures of knights, bishops, pawns and other chess pieces. He built it all for the city's official Chess Club of which he was a long-time member. Before that they had never had a meeting place of their own and had hired venues or gone to members' houses for their meetings. To show their gratitude they had elected him Club President for twenty consecutive years. Now he had voluntarily stepped down but he was still an actively involved member and had assisted in financing and advertising the competition that was open to the general public as well as the members who wanted to participate.

As it so happened when he realized that she had put her name down as a contestant, he had called her up on the telephone and invited her to come to the building that afternoon for a warm-up game and a bit of a chat. Amy was delighted to accept and so they sat at a chessboard table and talked about old times while they thought about and executed their strategical moves.
"I used to play chess all the time with your grandfather when you were a very little girl Amy."
"Yes I remember how much Grandfather spoke of you to the family. He held you in the highest regard."
The man laughed and went on to add, "I had great respect for him too. And admiration for his playing skills. He was my toughest challenger ever. I only ever beat him on average once in every five games. He was so very good."
Amy smiled with pride to be reminded of this but her friend next said something that took her by surprise. "Amy. I've noticed something different about you."
"Oh really?" She looked at his face with some trepidation but relaxed as he explained what he meant.
"There was a time when all you seemed to care or think about was playing chess. I sometimes thought it was because you longed for the company of the people you played with."
Amy smiled and said, "Oh well. You see I've made real friends now. They're going to come and watch me in the Competition next week."
"That's good. I'm very pleased for you. Chess is very enjoyable, but everybody needs true friends."
"Yes. They mean a lot to me." Amy made her final move. "I think it looks like checkmate."
"I believe you're right Amy. It is clear to me that you have inherited your grandfather's talents. I wouldn't be surprised if you get a very high score in the competition at least. You'll make me very proud of you if you do in fact succeed in winning overall."
Amy blushed. "Thank you sir. You're very kind."

Just then Amy looked up and behind the old man she saw three familiar figures creeping along past a doorless entry to a long corridor. The building was actually closed, but Amy's friend had invited her to join him after opening hours for a private game with nobody else around. So Birdy, Droido and Frosty hadn't even bothered to look before they went past, because they thought the place was deserted. They weren't even dressed or ready to do battle. Birdy's friends were in their human forms and she was wearing civilian clothes.
Amy had skillfully refrained from showing any facial reaction to seeing them and said, "Would you mind if I take a good look around this building by myself please sir? Before I go?"
"Of course Amy. I know I can trust you. When you're ready to leave just come back to me right here and I'll take you home. I'll have a little practice by myself while I wait."
"Thank you sir."
Amy went walking slowly down the corridor keeping an eye and ear out for the three women. What were they doing here? And now that she and the others knew they were really innocent victims how could they stop them without harming them?

As she was making her way she thought, "This corridor is leading me towards a huge pair of double doors and they're open. They must have gone inside there. There's no other place this direction leads to."
Amy pulled out her communicator and speaking as quietly as possible she called Serena. "Amy. What's up?" asked Serena.
Amy shushed her. "Not so loud Serena. I'm at the Chess Club building and I've noticed some of those Black Moon Clan people sneaking around. I want you to get Lita and come here straight away as Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter. My friend Mr. Drakeson is sitting nearby the front door. Knock and call out to get his attention and when he lets you in, tell him you need to investigate an intruder report."
"Right Amy. Be very careful."
"I will." Putting her communicator away Amy tiptoed very slowly towards the opening and peering in she saw that this was the entrance to the main hall where the competition was to be held. It was set up like a theater with rows of seating for the audience to sit in front of a huge stage in the center. And Amy saw Birdy and the others standing in a big circular formation back to back with their hands raised gesturing magically. They were trying to prepare what they had been led to believe was a new Crystal Point by the Wiseman and Grim Man.

She tried to desperately bluff and stall for time before her friends arrived. "Hey! Excuse me. What are the three of you doing here?"
At the sound of her voice Birdy, Droido and Frosty all turned in surprise. Amy casually approached them slowly still speaking. "This place is closed. You shouldn't be trespassing here."
Droido said, "What'll we do? This is very awkward."
But Birdy stepped forward with one hand raised and said, "No need for panic girls. I'll just do a quick memory erase on her and then we can finish our preparations and leave. She'll never remember a thing."
Amy realized she could not allow her memory to be tampered with. She didn't like it. But she had no choice. "MERCURY POWER!"
To the amazement of the three women she transformed right before their eyes.
"It's Sailor Mercury!" gasped Frosty.
"Well this changes everything," said Birdy. "Quickly transform yourselves my friends and together we'll destroy her before any of the other Sailor Scouts show up."
Sailor Mercury was in an awkward situation herself now. "No wait! You're mistaken about me and my friends!"
But even as she spoke she knew they wouldn't listen to her. If only Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter would get there in a hurry.

Frosty and Droido both transformed and stepped forward on Birdy's left and right sides and as they both unleashed their projectile attacks from their mouths. Sailor Mercury desperately shouted her counter-attack.
"MERCURY ICE STORM BLAST!" As she gestured with her arms spinning round once, her ice storm flew straight at her opponents. However because she had no desire to hurt them, she was only aiming at their attacks. Droido's acidic jet spray was frozen in mid-air and disintegrated into fine powder on the floor. As for Frosty's icy breath it was hit square-on by the ice storm blast which disspelled it and broke it apart as Mercury's winds spun round and round like a mini-cyclone. Frosty and Droido stepped backwards in fright not realizing that they had never been targeted by Sailor Mercury and Birdy, furiously assuming that her friends had come close to being injured, raised her hand and screamed, "I'll kill you myself before you get another crack at my friends!"
Sailor Mercury gasped in terror as she saw the power emanating from Birdy's outstretched hand. She had no time to make another attack. All she could hope for was to jump out of the way. But then she realized that the other two would then attack her again. It looked very bleak indeed.

"JUPITER THUNDERCLAP ZAP!" Salvation came in the proverbial nick of time as Sailor Jupiter sent one of her small lightning bolts flying to strike Birdy's hand before she could shoot Sailor Mercury.
"Aaaaarrggghh!" she screamed and Droido and Frosty were shocked and upset.
But then Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon leaped inside the room to stand alongside their comrade and the trio of Black Moon ladies were terrified. Especially of Sailor Moon.
"We're not ready for battle!" Droido shouted.
"She will kill us!" Frosty yelled.
Birdy was nursing her injured hand but her eyes were also bulging with fear. "Hurry girls. Let's get out of here!"
Of course Sailor Moon had no intention of killing them now that she knew the truth, but as far as they were concerned she was their enemy, a highly dangerous, merciless killer.
As they all de-materialized Sailor Moon and her friends watched with sympathetic expressions on their faces.
"This could make things difficult for me," said Sailor Mercury.
"What do you mean?" asked Sailor Moon.
She and Sailor Jupiter gasped as she turned to them and explained. "They saw me transform into Sailor Mercury. I had no choice really. But now they know my civilian appearance even if they don't know the name of my identity."
"We'll have to be very careful then," said Sailor Jupiter, "but now turn back into Amy so we can return with you to Mr. Drakeson and tell him that we found you safe and sound and that the intruder alert proved to be unfounded."
Amy quickly complied and her friend was very thankful to hear from her and the two Sailor Scouts that there had been nothing to worry about at all. Then he let them out and locking up drove Amy home while Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon went back to their own homes and silently sneaked into their bedrooms before changing identities and going to bed thinking about what their next move as a team should be and how to protect Amy.

Meanwhile back at the spaceship Birdy's hand was being seen to by her friends. Frosty gingerly and painstakingly removed her glove as gently as possible while Birdy moaned in pain. "OW! It really hurts!"
"Easy Birdy," said Frosty. "Here now."
She finally slipped it off her fingertips and the three of them could see the reddish mark where Sailor Jupiter's thunderclap zap had burned her.
Droido handed the soothing cream from the first-aid kit and remarked, "Thank goodness she only hit your hand Birdy. It may be very painful but if she'd hit your main body it would have thrown you to the ground and hurt you much worse."
As her friends tended to her injury, Avery and Prizma entered the room without even knocking. They immediately began teasing her.
"Aw. Birdy had her wing clipped?"
"Baby feeling ow-ee?"
The fact that they were laughing as they said this made it clear that they were mock sympathetic and Birdy's eyes began to fill with tears at their unbelievable callousness.
Droido and Frosty were really angry.
"You've both been rather mean to poor Birdy before, but this is over the top. She's been hurt and she may have lost her life to the Sailor Scouts just like our allies including your other sister Catzi!"
"Yeah and furthermore you were hurt even more badly than Birdy by that Sailor Jupiter once. Why don't you show some genuine care and concern for her, after what you suffered?"
Avery and Prizma did well remember that. Their stomachs had been burned plus landing hard on their backs had put them in excruciating agony for almost two days. Hypnotica had obligingly given them massages to aid their healing and Birdy had deeply sympathized with them. Also the mention of Catzi's name made them begin to feel sorrow mixed with shame. But almost immediately the usual wave passed over the brains and their faces changed back to their heartless, laughing expressions.
"Now now Frosty and Droido. We are entitled to our own personal opinions. And we really are showing care for our baby sister. Aren't we Prizma?"
Frosty snapped. "How so?"
Prizma laughed out loud. "Why, HA-HA-HA! We're giving her incentive to be more careful when she's on her mission at the Chess Competition next week. If she doesn't like us teasing her, then she'd better not come back injured some more. That's fair enough, isn't it Avery?"
Avery guffawed and said, "Exactly Prizma. We love little Birdy very much."
Birdy began to cry very bitterly and Droido said coldly, "I think you two have done enough for now. Please leave."
Avery and Prizma grinned and said, "Okay. We have said our piece. Let's go Ave."
"I'm with you Priz."
As they exited still laughing, Frosty and Droido cast them a reproaching look and they cuddled with Birdy and wiped her eyes with some handy tissues and she blew her nose on one. She was deeply hurt by her sisters unkind remarks, but her friends were a source of genuine consoling.

So time went by and the day of the big competition came. A big crowd came to watch Amy and everybody else compete. Serena, Raye, Lita and Mina were all present in support of their friend, but Rini had no interest whatsoever in chess and had stayed at home with Mum, Dad and Sammy. She had told Serena, "I'll find something to do today with the rest of the family to keep myself amused. Don't you worry about me."
Serena had been half concerned about leaving her at home, though she knew she couldn't force her to come. But she appeared to be quite in earnest about spending the day with her parents and little brother and they all smiled and said to go and enjoy the competition. "We'll be spending good quality time with your little cousin Serena," assured Mum.
You needn't worry about a thing," said Dad.
Even Sammy asserted the same thing and Rini's eyes had such a sincere look in them that Serena felt she just simply had to believe. So she said goodbye and waved to Rini and her family and they waved and called out goodbye back as she went off to meet up with her friends.
Well it is the honest truth that Rini spent the day with the family. They never left the house at all because she used her hypnotic powers to control them even further so that Mum, Dad and even Sammy blindly obeyed her commands to thoroughly search the entire house for any trace of the crystal. Even Serena's room to make absolutely sure though she had no luck. Disappointed at the end of the search Rini had them put everything back in order, even Serena's room, then they all decided to take a rest thinking they had tired themselves out in the garden playing catch with Rini and her ball. Rini lay on her own bed silently contemplating what her next move should rightfully be.

But getting back to the gathering, as I've said Serena and Amy's other friends were there. And so was Catzi. They had invited her to go with them for some entertainment and to ensure her safety they had cut her hair back really short and given her a pair of very dark sunglasses as a personal disguise in case any of the other Clan members should recognize her and begin asking awkward questions. Catzi was eager to do this and so she was sitting with them in the audience and by coincidence they found themselves all seated next to their friends, Jed, Tweetus and Dorothy. They explained that little Jordan was being looked after by the volunteer staff members of the Chess Club in a baby-sitting room out in the foyer along the side corridor. "This way dear Dorothy is able to have a break from her regular nanny duties and come out with us for some enjoyment for a change," smiled Jedite.
"I've really needed to unwind. I'm looking forward to watching this indoor sport championships," said Dorothy.

Greg was also present though he wasn't sitting with all of them. Serena was slightly disappointed that he had refused to divulge whether Amy would be the Grand Winner. "That would spoil the surprise Serena. I just know you would blab to Amy and she would not like to know the outcome of her performance."
Even though Serena had begged and pleaded, promising that she would keep the secret Greg stood his ground and said no. Amy was deeply grateful to him because knowing Serena it would have accidentally slipped out of her mouth, and none of the others really wanted to know the result in advance, let alone Amy herself.
But Greg had talked to Amy confidentially between the two of them while he was staying at her house. "My visions are telling me something is going to happen during the competition Amy."
"I have an idea what it may entail Greg," said Amy and when he had told her she gravely nodded her head and the two of them agreed to let the other girls know what to expect. But when they all heard even Serena agreed to say nothing to Catzi. They wanted her to enjoy herself freely while things went on normally. When they all needed to make their counter-move they made their own plans to be ready.

And Greg was right as usual because just then Birdy was approaching the lady at the ticket counter with her friends. They were all dressed as ordinary ladies and Birdy approached the lady first smiling merrily. "Excuse me. Is this where I sign up for the Chess Competition?"
The lady looked up and replied firmly but politely. "Oh I'm sorry but it's too late to sign up now. It's about to start and registrations are closed."
"But I'm sure that I've registered."
The lady said, "Well what's your name then and I'll look it up in my records."
"No need to do that."
Hearing Birdy say such a strange thing she glanced up in surprise and her eyes caught not only Birdy's, but Droido and Frosty's as well next to her right and left. As the three of them spoke hypnotically, the lady became all blank and dazed in her expression.
"You know very well that Birdy is registered," said Droido.
"Of course she is. Understand?" said Frosty.
"Oh yes. Yes she is."
"Good," said Birdy. "And by the way, my friends have both paid for their tickets. That's right isn't it?"
"Yes they've paid."
They were all so very pleased and when the lady snapped out of it she was completely fooled. "You go straight through that small door off to the side to join the other contestants on stage. Your friends can go inside the nain auditorium doors and choose themselves seats. Good luck and have fun."
The trio thanked her and winked at each other as they went their own ways.

As the competition went underway everybody sat at different tables on the stage playing together. Amy's friend Mr. Drakeson had the honour of being the host and he kept things entertaining for the audience by walking around on the stage from table to table and offering a few comments on how each game was progressing. Whenever a game was finished the winner was instructed to raise his or her hand and declare loudly "Checkmate!" Nr. Drakeson would then rush over to the players in question, announce who the winner was, shake hands with the loser, thanking them and wishing them a sincere heartfelt goodbye and calling out the name of the next player on his list who hadn't competed yet. That person would then step forward to challenge the victor.

As soon as he announced that Amy was to play her first game, Serena began to get over-excited and jumped up out of her seat cheering loudly. "HOORAY HOORAY FOR AMAY! SHE'S THE WINNER ALL THE WAY!"
Raye quickly slapped her hand over Serena's mouth from behind and pulled her back down into her chair struggling. "MMMMM-MMMMMM-MMMMMM!"
Even Catzi, Greg, Jed, Tweetus and Dorothy were blushing and groaning in embarassment as people nearby turned around with disapproving, annoyed looks on their faces.
Mr. Drakeson declared in his microphone. "If there is any further disturbance to the peace of the atmosphere, such offending people will be thrown out by security. Do I make myself clear?"
Raye whispered in Serena's ear. "Hear that Serena? Unless you want to be kicked out and land on the top of that Meatball-Head of yours you'd better keep your mouth shut when I take my hand off it."
Mortified Serena nodded. But she sat droopy and dejectedly thinking to herself, "What is the world coming to when you are not even allowed to cheer for your friend and offer encouragement?"
But on the other side of the audience far away Droido and Frosty whispered to each other.
"What is the world coming to with such people who make disruptions and think nothing of it?"
"You're so right Droido. Disgraceful hooligans."

As soon as Amy began to play she started eliminating the other contestants whittling down the numbers. Shortly after Amy was called though Mr. Drakeson made another announcement. "Peter Fisher has just won his fourth game at this table. Peter is doing very well considering he has only been studying chess for three weeks. As some of you should know Peter's original forte' is a wonderful talent in photography. But he decided to explore other interests to discover what other talents he may have hidden deep within himself. And he has found himself to be a very good natural at chess."
Everybody applauded in response to this and then Mr. Drakeson called forward Peter's next opponent. "Now a lady by the lovely name of Birdy may get her chance in the competition."
Catzi and the others were all sitting up at the highest level in the audience. They were just about at the top and the stage was far away that Catzi couldn't clearly see the people on it. Even without her dark sunglasses she would never have recognized Birdy in the distance. But when she heard the name she said nothing though her mind was turning. "Birdy? That name? It couldn't be my sister! Could it?"
Birdy meanwhile was plying her mind control powers to ensure she won.
"Oh dear," said Mr. Drakeson. "Peter's lucky streak has run out now that I'm finished speaking. But you did very well Peter. Keep practicing and you'll get better and better."
"Thank you Mr. Drakeson," said Peter as he shook hands and walked off backstage.

Birdy then proceeded to defeat all her opponents and so did Amy. Except that in Amy's case she wasn't using psychic mind control. Amy would never openly admit it, but she did come very close to losing a couple of times to some very good challengers. Even she wasn't invincible when it came to chess. She had been very lucky to figure out the correct counter-moves in time. But she would never tell this to her friends. She knew they'd never believe her. Especially Serena. Serena'd burst out laughing and say she was only being modest. She could never lose.

As the number of contestants dwindled, less and less tables were being used, until finally only Amy and Birdy were left.
Mr. Drakeson announced. "Now we come to the final game. One of these two people will become our champion. Good luck to you both."
As Birdy and Amy faced each other at the table, Amy held out her hand. "May the best player win."
She hadn't actually realized who Birdy was, but Birdy recognized her. As they clasped hands, Amy thought, "It feels as cold as ice."
Birdy sneered. "You're playing on my turf now. Sailor Mercury."
Amy gasped as the realization sank in and everybody gasped as Birdy suddenly rose into the air and yelled really loud. "The show's over for you folks! Time to have a rest!" Raising her hands and spinning around she sent a magical wave over the entire audience that put them all in a sleep-like state of suspended animation. It also permeated the rest of the building so that anybody who was present anywhere was also knocked out. Mr. Drakeson had been speechless but now he too collapsed where he stood on stage holding his micrphone in his motionless hand. Frosty and Droido were still in the audience pretending to be affected too, because they had promised Birdy they would not involve themselves until if or when Sailor Moon appeared and was taken care of for their own safety.
Even Jed, Tweetus, Dorothy and Catzi were still and peaceful. But not Greg, Serena, Lita, Mina and Raye. Raye had placed her strongest magical peotection upon them and they all ducked down and crawled quietly along the seats gently squeezing past people's legs. It was fortunate they were so very nearly at the top of the rows so they could easily slip out unnoticed while Birdy said to Amy, "I've seen to it that none of those people will get hurt by interfering with our conflict Sailor Mercury. Yes I know who you are."
"So do you want me to transform and fight?" asked Amy steeling her nerve.
But Birdy smiled and said, "Actually I really do want to play a game of chess with you. I don't wish to fight today. I came here to play chess and that's what we're going to do."

At this moment Serena and the others were asking Greg what they should do. Greg hesitated and said, "Just transform and charge back in there beside Amy. I've seen the future. It will be okay."
"Right Greg," said Serena trustingly. "MOON CRYSTAL POWER!"
They all transformed and with a united cry of "SCOUT POWER!" they left Greg behind who sighed and bowed his head.

Bursting through the open doorway they all jumped into the air and landed on the stage where Amy was sitting. Sailor Moon said to Birdy, "Listen to us. We have something very important to tell you."
Sailor Mars had one of her charms ready on hand with the same special magic that she had used to help Sailor Moon undo Catzi's brainwashing. But Birdy was ready with her own magic and at a gesture Sailor Moon found herself trapped and suspended in an enormous crystal bubble along with Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus."
Amy was horrified but Frosty and Droido immediately appeared on the stage by Birdy's left and right in their Droid forms.
"Hooray! Your trap worked Birdy!" cheered Droido.
"Yes. That bubble will hold them all. They cannot attack us. Especially not Sailor Moon thank goodness," said Birdy. Then she turned to Amy.
"Now about our chess game Sailor Mercury?"
Amy said with resignation, "Very well. I'll play with you."
The other Scouts were indeed trapped. Sailor Moon was furious and she cried, "That Greg and his visions. He said things would be all right."
Out in the foyer Greg said to himself, "I'm sorry girls. But the final outcome really will be all right."

As Amy and Birdy began to play while Frosty and Droido watched excitedly another strange thing began to happen. As soon Birdy captured one of Amy's pawns, her friends inside the crystal bubble shouted, "Hey! It's getting cold in here!"
Amy looked up and gasped. "What's happening?"
Birdy smiled and her friends laughed as she said, "Oh sorry. I forgot to mention one of my own rules that we're playing by is that every time you lose a piece the temperature inside that bubble drops by ten degrees. Carry on playing Sailor Mercury."
Amy gritted her teeth and made her move capturing one of Birdy's pawns. But her friends had another thing to worry about.
Sailor Moon yelled, "I swear the bubble has just become slightly smaller!"
Amy gasped again and before she could say a word Birdy explained. "Oh yes. Another thing. Every time I lose a piece the size of the bubble decreases by ten inches."
Sailor Mars was angry. "You can't do this to us. MARS CELESTIAL FIRE SURROUND!" Her attack failed to break the prison that held them however and she and the others all had to duck down to the bottom to avoid the rings of fire as they bounced back and forth above their heads before disipating in the magical frigid atmosphere.
"YEOW! You want to roast us like pot roast in an oven?" exclaimed Sailor Moon in exasperation.
Amy was thinking about this. "So while we play one way or the other things get worse for my friends."
"Exactly Sailor Mercury."
"What will happen if you checkmate me?"
"Well if that happens then the temperature will immediately drop to over a hundred thousand below freezing and turn them into fossilized icicles."
Amy gritted her teeth as she realized the implications of what the opposite outcome would be. "But if I checkmate you then I suppose the bubble will instantaneously shrink down to a teeny weeny microscopic dot with them compacted to pulp inside."
Frosty and Droido laughed again as Birdy said, "Precisely."
"It's a heads I win, tails you lose outcome," Amy wailed but the three women facing her only grinned maliciously.
Birdy said, "We think it fitting justice for the murder of our beloved families."
Amy took the trio aback by suddenly bursting into tears. "But we didn't murder your families! It's all been a big mistake!"
Birdy was so astounded that she jumped out of her chair. "I beg your pardon? You are guilty. Don't put on crocodile tears to try and deny it."
Droido pointed her finger at her and said, "Yeah. You murdered Jellax and Avocado."
Frosty also vehemently pointed her finger. "And you've attempted to murder us."
Birdy's eyes blazed like balls of fire. "And what about Rhonda? And my sister Catzi?"
The Sailor Scouts shouted down from their bubble prison. "Please listen to us. We can explain."
Sailor Moon herself said, "I admit I killed three of you wrongly believing that you were evil. But Catzi is still alive. She knows that we've all been wrong about each other now."
Birdy stamped her foot. "Enough of these lies! Sailor Mercury. You can either continue our game to one of its possible two inevitable conclusions. Or you can refuse. I don't care because in any case you'll never get them out of that bubble and they'll eventually run out of air and suffocate."

Amy knew what she needed to do. Greg had privately told her that she only had to keep playing and things would fall into place. "Let's play on," she said.
"All right then." Birdy sat down and they continued to play while Amy's friends struggled with the cold and the cramped space.

After a while Birdy and her friends had a surprise when Avery and Prizma suddenly materialized behind them and spoke. "Nice job you're doing Birdy."
"We admit that we're impressed."
Frosty and Droido jumped in fright and Birdy drew a sharp intake of breath.
"What are you two doing here?" demanded Droido.
"Now now. No need for resentment. We only want Rubeus, Thunderclap and Hypnotica to know we had some part to play in the victory," said Avery.
"We're here to help and support you in any way we can," added Prizma.
Droido and Frosty gave the two sisters stern looks that clearly said, "Sure you are," but Birdy said it was okay if that's what they really wanted and directed her focus back on the chessboard.
"It looks like I have you in check," she said to Amy, when suddenly a rose stuck into the board just next to her hand startling her. She and the others all looked up to see Tuxedo Mask slowly descending lightly to the stagefloor. He declared, "Game's been cancelled. I have you in check now."
Birdy rose from her chair scowling at him. "You think you've won, but not even you can break the crystal bubble."
But all of a sudden the bubble completely siddolved into thin air and the four trapped Sailor Scouts fell to the floor. Three of them landed agilely upright on their feet, but Sailor Moon landed on her backside. "YEOW! That hurts!"
"NOOOOO!" Birdy screamed and jumping up stood in front of Frosty and Droido, who cowered in terror behind her. Birdy appealed to her sisters. "Avery. Prizma. Can you please help me protect my friends from Sailor Moon? Please, please. Don't let them die."
Frosty and Droido peered behind her back and also begged. "Yes please save me. I want to live."
"So do I."
Avery and Prizma were at first looking sympathetic for a second. But then something changed in their eyes and they spoke thusly.
"Oh we'll protect them all right."
"Frosty. Droido. Come back to headquarters with us right now."
The two Droids ran over to the two sisters thanking them profusely. Birdy smiling gratefully made move to join them, but suddenly Avery spoke coldly.
"Wait a minute Birdy. The Droids are coming back with us. You're staying here to fend for yourself."
"What?" Birdy gasped and Frosty and Droido's eyes bulged.
"That's right," said Prizma.
"But why?" wailed Birdy.
Avery answered, "Because you are a disgraceful failure that's why. Your trap for the Sailor Scouts didn't work. You are obligated to fight them by yourself now. It's the only way you can redeem yourself."
"B-but I might be k-k-killed just like Catzi was."
Avery and Prizma were really cold as they snapped at her. "If you must die, then die. We're not responsible for your failure. None of us are."
"Your mistake. Your responsibility."
"The rest of us are out of here. Come on. Let's go."
But Droido and Frosty were running back to Birdy's side and hugged her together as she began to cry.
"What are you two doing? We gave you a command to return with us. We are superior to you Droids."
"Leave our sister and return with us at once."
"No!" Droido declared.
"We will stay with our best friend," Frosty adamantly asserted.
Avery and Prizma became very incensed.
"Fine then. We're leaving you too."
"Hope Sailor Moon destroys you insubordinate Droid Warriors."
With that they were gone leaving Birdy and her Droid friends in the midst of Amy, the Sailor Scouts and a somewhat confused Tuxedo Mask who was unsure about what was going on. He had never been told about Catzi's healing and couldn't understand why the girls were not making any move.

Birdy was weeping very bitterly. "Th-thank you both so very much. Y-you chose stay with m-me. Even though it will probably mean your," she sobbed deeply as she struggled over the last word, "d-d-d-death!"
"We had to stay Birdy," said Droido as they all embraced.
"We love you," said Frosty.
Then Droido began to cry as well. "And I love you too Frosty!"
"I love you Droido!" Frosty literally wailed as she said this and then the three women all hugged each other as close as close could be and shed immense tears with caterwauling sobs and moans while the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask all watched waiting to see what would happen next.
Finally the crying subsided and Birdy softly said, "We all love each other very much."
"We're best friends," said Droido.
"And we'll stick together until the very end," said Frosty.
Sailor Moon had been hoping they were going to turn docile so they could easily heal them, however just then they all broke apart and took up fighting stances.
Droido prepared to squeeze her dispenser. "We will fight together to the very end!"
Frosty was also ready to attack. "We will either all survive or die!"
Birdy declared boldly, "And if even one of us is killed, the others will commit suicide rather than live without her!"
"AGREED!" Droido and Frosty shouted together.
"Sailor Scouts! You must fight them!" shouted Tuxedo Mask. But how could they fight knowing they were brainwashed victims? Yet they were certainly about to attack with intent to kill. They were only seconds away from a horrible and tragic conflict.

Suddenly a voice yelled out, "Wait Birdy! It's me Catzi! I'm alive!"
Birdy was taken aback and cried, "Huh? Catzi alive?"
Droido and Frosty were also frozen in stunned amazement and as Birdy looked up towards the top rows of seatings in the audience where the voice had come from she saw a woman with hair cut really short standing up with a pair of sunglasses in her hand and a teenage boy standing next to her.
"Catzi! Is that really you?" As Birdy called out in wonder, her friends had their attention drawn in the same direction.
"Sailor Mars! This is your chance!" said Sailor Jupiter and Mars concentrated hard with three of her charms.
She sent them flying with perfect precision and Birdy, Frosty and Droido were all hit on the sides of their faces. "DO IT SAILOR MOON!" she shouted and Sailor Moon made her move at once.
Birdy, Frosty and Droido were overwhelmed by the things that were revealed to them.
"Oh my goodness!"
"Is that what really happened?"
"It's really horrible!"
Then the jewel suddenly fell out of Droido's forehead, the perfume dispenser fell off her head and her skin and hair regained their normal colour. Likewise the jewel came loose from Frosty's headpiece and as she removed it from her hair she regained a normal appearance. Next thing their strange clothes all vanished including the perfume dispenser. Even the jewels faded away completely. They were no longer Droids. They were human once again and they stood next to Birdy in normal clothing. She too was dressed normally.
Catzi was running down the aisle to the stage, arms outstretched. The boy, who was Greg of course, was slowly walking behind.
"Oh Birdy! I'm so very sorry for the way I mistreated you and your two friends. Even though I was out of my mind I'm sorry!"
Birdy and her friends were speechless with what they now knew, but they all hugged Catzi when she ran onto the stage. They were so joyful that she was alive with them, though shocked deeply at the same time.
Tuxedo Mask finally had it all explained to him. He said, "This is unbelievable. It changes everything. I shall do all I can to punish the genuine guilty party and liberate all the other victims.
Greg also said, "I knew things would turn out just like in my vision. While they were progressing I crawled quietly up to Catzi on my hands and knees, and using a new psychic gift I've been working to develop, woke her out of her enchanted trance with just a touch on her foot. I also told her it was her sister Birdy about to attack her friends on the stage and she needed to get her attention so she could be set free, just as she had been."
"So we were going to be all right in the end," said Sailor Venus.
"We all owe you a debt of thanks Greg," said Sailor Mars.
"Yeah. Sorry I misjudged you," said Sailor Moon.
"That's all right," smiled Greg.

Birdy, Frosty and Droido were all very shook up however. What was to be done? Then Sailor Mars had an idea. "Greg. Can you please awaken Jed, Tweetus and Dorothy?"
"Okay," said Greg and in no time they were awake and the sailor Scouts explained what the problem was.
Sailor Mars said, "If it would be no trouble can you take these poor people to your home for now, until we can transfer them to the Cherry Hill Temple after night falls?"
"We can do that. No problem," said Jed. So while Dorothy quickly retrieved Jordan safely with Greg's assistance, Jed and Tweetus explained to the three distressed women that they were the extra-terresrial couple they had once held prisoner at the ice-cream parlour.
"But no need to feel upset. We realize you meant us no harm and true, you never really harmed us. You can trust us. We will help you."
"Oh thank you. Thank you," said Birdy and her friends and as they allowed Jed and Tweetus to embrace them, Catzi promised she would be waiting for them back at the temple. Then Jed and Tweetus teleported away with them and Dorothy teleported holding Jordan. Tuxedo Mask said farewell, after giving his darling Sailor Moon a huge hug and kiss, to her immense joy.
Finally the Sailor Scouts, except for Amy, who had never had a chance to transform, all combined their mental concentration to awaken Mr. Drakeson and everybody else and making them forget about the presence of Birdy at all.
As they all awoke, in the twinkiling of an eye they all leapt back up to their seats next to Greg and Catzi in their civilian identities.
Mr. Drakeson handed Amy the trophy announcing, "Congratulations Amy. You are our Grand Chess Champion and the audience all cheered unaware of what had taken place while they were knocked out.

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Very good chapter. I don't have many notes but i'll go through some stuff anyway:


Saphir's appearance

Rubeus/Koan becoming a thing

The Tsukino's being Rini's slaves is kind of creepy. I wonder what Neo Queen Serenity would have to say about that?


-Mulan Out

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