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Time Security Chapter 43

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This one is kind of short guys but hey has to be some of sometimes please let me know if you think it's too short I am open to feedback.  :chibiusa:

Chapter 43

The Children

“HELP he’s going to kill them.”
Trena forgetting she has no locket head straight for her bedroom door forgetting what happened earlier when she got closer to the danger Demveus did not though he follows swiftly after her.
“Princess so we meet again in this time.”
Trena “What are you talking about? I don’t know you.”
The little girl gets a good look at her mother and yells out “MIKYA IT’S MOMMY!” From behind the young boy before he can cover her mouth.
Trena think she is about to hyperventilate “Okay, What did she just call me because I don’t have a sister and mother and father warned holding out on me?”
Queen Serenity, Renie “We would never do such a thing Serenity darling.” At that point questions go through her head who is the father what year were they born and when did that happen?
Mikya “Milleea you weren’t supposed to say that.”
Milleea “Oh sorry.”
The little girl sees her father and goes to say daddy trying to but the young boy covers her mouth fast enough this time.
Demveus “You are ready have children?”
Trena No! I’m only 13 right now so who ever is in their right mind knows that those aren’t my children and they are totally wrong they are totally wrong.”
Queen Serenity Renie “That doesn’t mean a thing, but I know you are 13 and they are obviously do not, belong to this time.  Also I was 16 when you were born.”
Trena “Honestly mother that doesn’t help the situation .”
Mikya “I’m 12.”
Trena “That’s not helping the situation either.”
Milleea “And I am seven.” She holds up seven fingers.
Trena now runs away way as Mikya is saying “Told you, you should’ve stayed quiet and that I would do the talking before we got here.”
Milleea “Sorry.”
Demveus “I’ll go see if I can get her to come back, be right back.”
Hendifa’s Kenderen’s descendents Quiveary Soul experiment 280 laughs “AHAHAH.”
Demveus finds Trena in a darkroom crying “Those children say I’m their mother for some reason. I believe them I’m not sure quite why but I do. And I have no way of defending them Demveus.
Demveus helps Trena off the ground looking into her eyes “I’ll help you Trena. I’ve helped you up to this point I’m not going to stop now… He pulls out a ring kneeling down on one knee… Princess Serenity Trena Tellaya Sysyoas or should I say Princess Serenity Asherrainium or Asherraira Ora Orrainium from the past would you marry me again?”
Trina looks at the door thinking of the question she had just asked a short while ago in her mind, she thinks to herself this is just like last time kind of except I don’t remember having a boy that survived. She finally answers “Okay I think I had enough fun with you.”
Demveus “What do you mean by fun?”
Trena smiles “You don’t remember last time do you? She gives a small laugh... Hehee.”
Demveus “Last time what happened last time?”
Trena laughs harder “HeHeeHee, the Premarital Hard To Get Game we played you didn’t pick up on it this time and you do know I’m only the 13 right.”
Demveus Yes I am aware that. I don’t care. There is a reason I am asking you now.”
Trena “And what would that be?”
Demveus “I’d rather not say right now it might make you sader then you were earlier.”
Trena “Okay, I don’t quite fully understand but my answer is yes to your proposal.”
Demveus “You’ll see I am not allowed to say anything more unfortunate he takes her hand I meant what I said earlier I will help you I’ve helped you up to this point I’m not going to stop now. He kisses her hand with the ring on it. Trena blushes and she still sorting through everything in her mind that have happened over the last little while.
“Okay Demveus what should we do then?” Asks Trena.
Demveus “Follow me.” Trena follows he takes her back to her room some of the roses have started glowing the brightest one the red rose he had not given her yet and it is the last rose to complete her collection.
He takes the rose out of his pocket now remembering he has it when he touches it one pedal of each rose starts glowing once again the red rose the brightest causing a new locket to be created. The question comes to her mind she hasn’t fully grasped this situation still. So she asks it, “Do you know who gave me all these roses I know you gave me the red one but did I get any from anyone else or where they all from you? At least that’s what I gather with you giving me that one.”
Demveus blushes not able to answer Trena is still have noticed the glowing roses she now looks around the room she had been concentrating on what she wanted to say and finally she had noticed the glowing.

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