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Time Security Chapter 42

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Chapter 42

Trena And Demveus Reunited Conversation And Fate

Trena “And your parents let you go?”


Demveus looks around knowing both his parents and grandparents have good ears he whispers just in case they are listening “No. I snuck away.”


Trena remembers what her father would say and her mother sometimes you are forbidden to see him you know that everyone knows that, you will understand someday young Trena.


I don’t understand you say, I thought I was supposed to make friends with everyone that what you told me. She was about two then back then she just wanted to make friends with him as she did when she was five.


“We are forbidden to see each other Demveus she backs away… I’m glad to see you don’t get me wrong but all my parents have said over the last two years or so is I’m forbidden to see you.”


Demveus “I realize that and will tell them as much as I am telling you right now I don’t care they have to deal with that fact whether they like it or not.”


“What are you saying? I’m not sure I understand fully.


Demveus “Can we go to your room I will explain more there and it will be easy I’ll have examples.”


Trena looks at him questioningly thinking to herself what kind of examples what’s he thinking? I have a feeling I should know but I don’t for some reason memory block?


“Okay I guess we can go.” Trena stays a few steps ahead of him not sure why when they make it to her chamber doors she thought she heard the children’s voices again. Or a baby cry? That had been happening for a few weeks now she thought she was coming down with something but now she’s not so sure she hults at turning the door knob she looks at Demveus did, did you hear that?”


Demveus “I hear a lot of things it’s kind of annoying when you think of it in my point of view.”


Trena “I didn’t ask you if it annoyed you I asked you if you heard it Mr. Moon God.”


Demveus “Sometimes I tune things out sorry especially if someone’s learning a lesson and doesn’t like it very much.”


Trena turns to him “You’re not being very helpful she proceeds to walk down the hallway.


“Huh… Wait what do you think you heard?”


Trena “You lost your chance to ask.


As Trena gets closer to the danger unaware her body becomes drastically weak. Demveus catches her before she hits the floor “What on the moon caused that? Have you been eating properly?”


“Yes and no. Why? It’s not like you care.”


“How, how can you say… That?” Asks Demveus.


Trena and for being weak she is quite anxiously saying her words “I’ll tell you how. You that your father break us up again.”


Demveus “Both of these times I didn’t mean to do that my father doesn’t understand.”


Trena “That’s poppycock Demveus.” Demveus looks surprised to hear that word come out of her mouth but he doesn’t have time to think about that he has to get her energy levels backup somehow he hasn’t quite figured out how yet but he could tell he had to think fast.


He takes her back to her bedroom covering her with the blankets pacing around the room trying to think of his lessons when he can’t think straight he sits on the bed thinking to himself blocking his thoughts with his powers this is all my fault if I had stayed you wouldn’t, wouldn’t be in this state.


Tayafay “I hate to say this my son but yes she would have.”


“M-mom… What do I do?”


Tayafay “The rose Demveus she needs… She sighs hhh… I can’t tell you everything you must discover for yourself.”


Demveus looks at the roses around the room… “I don’t get it. What do roses have to do with this?”


Tayafay “It will activate something.” Demveus puts the red rose in its spot a light pulsating glow fills the room forcing Trena to open her eyes then it stops.


“Where am I what happened? Asks  Trena.


“Thank you mother.” Normally Tayafay would get mad at that sort of thing but she knew Demveus is now 16.


“You’re welcome I must go now your father is probably looking for me I told him I’d help with something.”


Trina “Why are you staring at me like that? The only other time you have looked at me like that in this life was in the waiting room. The question passes through her head she had asked her mother the very same question do you know who gave me the roses she didn’t know why she thought about that but she did.


Demveus can’t find the words to say he looks around the room at all the roses and back at Trena,


“You never acted so tongue-tied beforeDemveus or would it be appropriate to use the name Yoamy or Yomeetto?” Asks Trena.


Demveus “Either or works.”


Trena smiles getting up off the bed and walking to the window opening the curtains “The roses need light. Oh I helped you find your voice. Did I?”


Demveus blushes I guess you could say that. Well what should I say?”


Trena “I don’t know whatever you want I have nothing against you talking. Or have you forgotten that?”


Demveus “No I have not forgotten that my lovely Princess Serenity Trena Tellaya Sysyoas or should I say Princess Serenity Asherrainium or Asherraira Ora Orrainium from the past.


Trena smiles “You can do what you like.” She walks past kind of in a dancing motion. Then she remember she was mad at him and she hears her mother screaming or at least she thinks it’s her mother.


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