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Time Security Chapter 40

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Phoebe is not mine she belongs to EliseAyumu

Chapter 40

Leaving For The Mountains

“YEAH!” Says Trena excitedly as she grabs Demveus’s arm practically pulling him out of the Doctor’s office and out of the Skyatanzeaan infirmary.
Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit and Dr. Samico both chuckle “HEHE.”
“It’s not funny.” Says Demveus.
Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit “Oh really it reminds me of what you two were like centuries ago.”
Trena halts where she can’t go anymore “I can’t fly yet.”
Demveus I have a question how exactly did you get up here I’ve been trying to figure that one out?”
Trena “I don’t know this man who said his name was Quiveary Soul experiment 280. I think he brought me up here to Skyattannzea.”
Demveus “I see. And where is he now?”
Trena “Well… as far as I know he is tied up and somewhat immobilized, but I don’t know how long that will last for.”
Demveus “Oh…”
Elsewhere in Skyattannzea Quiveary Soul experiment 280 finally escapes his imprisonment being tied up with his own rope and other things on top of that,
“Finally I escaped now to find Princess Serenity Trena Tellaya Sysyoas.”
“Come on, come on let’s go. Demveus.” SaysTrena.
“Okay we’ll go.” Says Demveus.
Demveus thinks to himself blocking his thoughts with his powers how are we going to get back I know I said we were going back but how?
Trena pulls on Demveus’s arm “You said we would go and I can’t fly.”
“Ah… Right sorry.” Says Demveus as he takes Trena into his arms and flies them down to the ground on the past moon’s surface. Trena separates herself from him but not before thinking that felt normal why? I thought it would feel awkward. “Thank you Demveus she curtsies remembering Princesses have to be polite.
Demveus bows “It was my pleasure….” He kisses her hand Trena after a few seconds takes her hand back, running away again but this time out of embarrassment. Hey where are you going?”
“Ah I don’t know.” Says Trena.
“Well wait for me I’m not letting you out of my site this time. Says Demveus.
“Well then you have to catch me because I’m leaving this place I want to go home back to the now 300020 century and you said you would take me there.” Says Trena.
“Yes I did didn’t I.”  He looks at Trena with a look of caring.
Trena looks at him “Is something wrong?”
“Huh AH no why?” Asks Demveus.
Trena laughs “Hehee… because you’re staring at me funny that’s why?’
“Oh sorry says Demveus.
They make it off the past moon and back to the Earth when Demveus’s grandfather sees them “Oh good she’s all right I knew you would be… Then he sees another figure following them…. Behind you Demveus.” Demveus turns to face Quiveary Soul experiment 280.
Trena just about flips out “I thought I took care of you?!
“Maybe for a little while you did, but there is one thing that people learn very quickly you can’t keep me down for long.” Says Quiveary Soul experiment 280.”
Trena ducks behind Demveus not wanting to remember what happened but it did make her stronger she really doesn’t like Quiveary Soul experiment 280.
“I only came to bring this back.” Says Quiveary Soul experiment 280 He holds up her communicator.
“Yeah right you probably bugged it or something…” Says Trena as she grabs the communicator… Shaya have this checked out I don’t trust him.” Demveus thinks to himself blocking his thoughts Trena not trusting someone that is rare.
“What did you do?”
Shaya “Yes Princess Serenity,” (Trena.)
“What’s that matter? Asks Quiveary Soul experiment 280.
“Thank you Shaya.” Says Trena.
Demveus It Does Matter to Me… he draws his double edged swords… I don’t like to use these but I will if I have to now answer my question.”
“You’re welcome Princess Serenity...” (Trena) she checks Trena’s communicator for anything suspicious... There’s nothing suspicious that I can see right now. I don’t have the computer at my paws though to do a thorough check.” Says Shaya.
Quiveary Soul experiment 280 “No the Princess knows what I want don’t you?”
“I already said to you I won’t do that and I won’t give you that either.  If you think I’m going to in your dreams.” Says Trena sternly and she frowns at both Shaya’s findings and Quiveary Soul experiment 280’s comment.
“Very well have it your way I will be seeing your children in the future. My people will get what they want.” Princess Serenity, Trena or should I say Queen Serenity, Trena Says Quiveary Soul experiment 280.
“I’m 11 going on 12 what are you talking about?! You don’t have to be so rude I’ve already told you don’t call me by the name my parents gave me. ” Says Trena.
He doesn’t answer the question he just leaves,
A month later Demveus, Trena, General Ennove, Sobea, Rono, Shaya and Scarlett all returned to the 300020 century.
Trena curtsies to her mother Queen Serenity Renie and King Zipyikoe along with Scarlett, Shaya and Sobea. As well General Ennove, Demveus and Ronno bow respectfully.
Queen Serenity, (Renie) “Thank you to you all for protecting our daughter through the time you were in the past we both appreciate it.
King Zipyikoe “Yes and special thanks to you Demveus for protecting our daughter even when you didn’t know you were protecting her your father told us the day we were freed.”
Demveus “I was just doing what I thought was right.” He didn’t tell them the other part to that.
King Zipyikoe “There’s another part to that isn’t their?”
“What makes you ask that your Majesty?”
“I can tell that’s why. You know the rules.” Says King Zipyikoe.
Ramoawin “Demveus...” Demveus turns to face his father… we meaning me, you and your grandfather are starting serious training we’re going to the mountains for a year or more depending on how your training goes.”
Demveus “The Mountains . A year or more why?”
Ramoawin “So you can focus rather than being distracted. Your grandfather told me what you said about tuning me out. Does that sound familiar?”
Demveus says “Yes father.”
Ramoawin Good I suggest you hand your jurisdiction duties to your grandmother, she will deal with any issues while we’re gone. I also suggest you say goodbye to friends you have five minutes.”
Demveus looks at Trena, his little sister Sobea, Rono, Shaya and Scarlett “Goodbye everyone I will be back I just don’t know when.” His sister Sobea runs over and hugs him knowing she won’t see him for a while.
Rono “It was awesome hanging out with you in the past for the amount of time we did.”
Demveus nods,
“Thank you for helping us when we needed it.” Says Shaya.
“You’re welcome.” Says Demveus...
Scarlett “I’m glad I could help you with your mission Demveus I hope you come back stronger and have learned many lessons.”
Trena doesn’t say a word but she knows this is happening because of her in some way or another and Demveus can’t find the words to say either. Before anyone can stop Trena, Trena runs to her room the rose scented room calms her nerves.
Demveus goes to follow Trena but he gets stopped by his father’s voice “Demveus I said five minutes it’s been five minutes. We have to go.”
Demveus faces his father nodding solemnly, “But…”
Ramoawin “But nothing Demveus Toro Tyapairis . Now let’s go. Don’t make me have to take away your powers until we leave the kingdom.
Demveus sighs following his father when they get back to his house he hands his powers over to his grandmother Phebe she looks at her son Ramoawin,
“You really are going through with this? Very well I will watch over Princess Serenity,” (Trena.) Says Phoebe.
Ramoawin “Thank you mother... He turns to Demveus we’re leaving in an hour so I suggest you quickly pack.” Demveus shows no emotions and does what he is told.
General Ennove walks to Demveus’s room “I did it for your own good you need to listen to your father I would have never let him act the way you are, but I do realize your situation is a lot like mine and your grandmother’s. In that way I understand but I still stand by what I said before that.”
Demveus “Yes grandfather.”
This situation reminded Demveus of one of his past life situations when he was known as Yoamy or Yomeetto when his father Naimess separated him and Asherrainium or Asherraira. But he couldn’t be the same person could he? No that’s impossible his father back then died but if it is him he’s going to have to explain some things.
Demveus comes out fully packed although he doesn’t know how long this mountain excursion will be exactly and he doesn’t have enough clothes for year’s worth of traveling even though he is a Moon God he still tries to look common so he doesn’t get asked 1 million questions. He doesn’t say a word he just exits the house followed by his grandfather and father.
Sobea “Personally I think he’s mad.”
Tayafay “That’s enough Sobea your brother has a lesson to learn and he will. Do you want to learn one too? ...
Sobea sits and be’s quiet not wanting to upset her mother... That’s what I thought. You will be helping your grandmother on top of what you already do it’s about time you learned to do other things that pertain to Goddess duties.”
Sobea“Yes mother.”
 Tayafay frowns “Your brother doesn’t even call me that yet, and he is 14 so don’t you start am I understood Sobea Leeama Tyapairis? You are 12 in human years.”
Sobea gulps “Yes mom.”
Tayafay “Good now go.” Sobea follows her grandmother Phebe out of the house.
As Demveus, General Ennove and Ramoawin leave Crystalraindalteen and the Moon Kingdom Demveus looks back.

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I never thought Phoebe would act like that either and I thank it's because of what happened last time she used the crystal with Trena.  :chibiusa:   

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