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Sailor Moon R Part 2 alternate take Chapter 10

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The Wiseman and the Grim Man were in the process of briefing Rubeus, Thunderclap and Hypnotica. Their holographic forms were in their usual place in the middle of the room.
The Grim Man said, "We do heartily commend you on the job you've all done in capturing the five Crystal Points. The Droid Warriors in Crystal Tokyo still have complete mastery over the equivalent areas in the future."
Then the Wiseman spoke next. "However we need that child in our custody. The palace is still off limits to us even though the Queen is still trapped in sleep. The Sailor Scouts of the future are unbelievable. Even the Prince cannot fathom their stamina."
"You mean they are still protecting the palace from assault Wiseman? But they must be getting hungry and fatigued?" exclaimed Hypnotica.
The Grim Man answered, "Yes, but their determination to keep fighting is superhuman. I know it's incredible, but it's true."
Rubeus asked, "Can you help us with any information?"
The Wiseman waved his hands over his ever-present crystal ball and said, "I can tell you that the child will be at the Cherry Hill Temple sometime this afternoon and the crystal's energy will emanate from there around the same time."
Rubeus and his friends both gasped. The crystal that could either spell their defeat if used against them or ensure their victory if it fell into their own control.
"We want the child and the crystal captured once and for all," said the Grim Man.
Hypnotica said, "Catzi's familiar with that Temple Rubeus. Let's send her."
Rubeus and Hypnotica agreed it was a smart move.
The Wiseman and the Grim Man stressed how serious success was. The Wiseman's eyes glowed brightly in the darkness of his shadowed face inside his sinister hood as he said, "Rubeus. You do whatever it takes to help her understand this. Even if you need to give her a shaking-up in some unexpected way. Get it?"
As his eyes glowed Rubeus' own eyes seemed to dull and go glassy for just a fraction of a second and he said, "I get it Wiseman. You can depend on me to make the message clear to her."
So the two creepy hooded figures faded away and Rubeus said to Thunderclap and Hypnotica, "Stay here and let me brief Catzi."
"Okay Rubeus."
"You brief her well. HA-HA!"

And as Rubeus left their quarters and entered the main ship he saw everybody gathered around except Catzi.
"Where is Catzi?" he demanded and Birdy answered.
"She's in her own quarters Rubeus. She's not long arrived back and went to her room."
"Where has she been?"
Avery gave answer this time. "She decided she wanted to go on a short shopping spree."
"What? How long was she absent?"
"Only three quarters of an hour. Rather a very brief time considering," explained Droido but Rubeus made an angry face and stormed past without another word.
Birdy, Droido and Frosty all gulped nervously while Avery and Prizma just ignored the situation without a care. To them Catzi's worries with Rubeus were her own affair. What was it to them?

Rubeus strode down the long corridor until he came to Catzi's door and practically pounded on it. "Catzi! Let me in!" He yelled and the door opened and Catzi's terrified face appeared as he barged into her room immediately pushing her aside.
"R-rubeus! You startled me."
"There's no time to beat about the bush Catzi! The Wiseman and the Grim Man have been speaking to me, Thunderclap and Hypnotica! The child will be at the Cherry Hill Temple this afternoon! And get this. So will the Silver Crystal!"
When she heard what he told her Catzi was rapt to attention. "I see. So you want me to spy out the temple and grab both of our targets. I'll accomplish this important task and then we'll be able to return to the future."
"Exactly Catzi. The Prince wants them both today. It's of critical importance. I will leave you to get ready."
As he turned Catzi urgently said, "Wait a minute Rubeus. I have a little gift for you." Her eyes shone with adoration and affection as she turned and ran to a desk and pulled open the drawer. Taking out a small crystal bottle she walked back to Rubeus holding it out to him. "I wanted to buy you something special while I was out "shopping" earlier today. It's very expensive but of course I could afford it. Naturally I received 100% discount on everything with my special magic mind control."
Rubeus reached out and blankly took it from her. "Why thank you. It's just what I need to illustrate the point I must emphasize," said Rubeus and with that he crushed the bottle in his big, strong hand shattering it.
"WHAT?" cried Catzi in horror and Rubeus showed her his palm with the broken pieces and the dripping contents.
"If you fail all of our lives will be broken just like this little bottle. So success is essentially vital. Now prepare yourself please."
As he left closing the door behind him Catzi began to weep bitterly. Rubeus paused a second, held his palm up to his nose and sniffed. His eyes bulged as he thought to himself, "This was my favourite brand of aftershave."
He turned his upper torso around to face the door where Catzi's wailings could be heard from behind, but immediately his eyes grew stern and glazed and he yelled loudly. "Remember that little object lesson! Do not fail Catzi!"

Later at mid-afternoon Mina and Lita sat rather boredly at an outside table at the cafe consoling themselves with iced coffees. Mina sighed. "I am like super bored. I have no money to go shopping or even see a movie. Between us we could just barely afford our drinks here."
"Yeah. I second what you just said," Lita moaned.
Luna and Artemis sat on their laps and Lita bent down and whispered to Luna. "So why are you hanging out with us? Where's Serena?"
When Luna whispered her reply Lita said out loud to Mina. "Amy's studying, Raye's working at the temple and Serena went over there to borrow some more comic books off her. It's just you and I Mina."
Mina groaned. "And neither of us has a boyfriend. So we're stuck with each other and these two cats."
"Hey! That's not our fault is it?" Artemis hissed indignantly to Mina and the two girls both pacified him quietly to avoid attracting undue attention.

At that moment Raye walked into her personal bedroom at the temple to find Serena laughing like a hyena with a stack of comics beside her. She was rather annoyed. "You still here? I thought you were going to borrow those and take yourself home out of my way?"
Serena had a huge grin on her face as she said, "I was going to. But then I thought if I just read them all here I wouldn't need to lug them home and get all puffed out in the process."
"You're so lazy Serena. By the way. Have you done all your alotted homework for Miss Haruna before you decided to come to see me about some comic books to read?"
Serena hesitated somewhat nervously after Raye asked her challenging question. "Huh? Oh yeah sure. Well most of it. I'll easily finish the rest later tonight."
Raye was rolling her eyes but before she could make any reply a woman's voice called out from the open doorway. "Hello! Is anybody home?"
Raye forgot all about her question to Serena as she turned her attention to the figure in the main entrance. "Who's there?"
It was Catzi dressed in a red mini skirt with matching top and large ladies hat. She carried a small suitcase and her upside-down crescent mark had mysteriously vanished from her forehead. "Good day," she cheerily exclaimed. "I'm a make-up saleswoman. But I probably won't sell too much make-up here. You two both look like you're models."
Serena gasped in amazement where she had quickly jumped up and followed Raye to meet this visitor and Raye was also smiling and feeling somewhat flattered. "Oh! You really think we look like models?"
Catzi replied, "What? You mean you're not?"
Her subtle technique had worked. She had made them feel joyful and all buttered up and they agreed to at least sit down and look at and discuss her products. Earlier Droido had helped Catzi acquire her products at the very beauty shop she and her two friends had first targeted. She had gone "shopping" there with Catzi and using their hypnotic mind control, the workers had been very helpful in picking out a fine selection of various creams, lipsticks and eye-shadows for Catzi to use as part of her disguise. Neither the workers themselves or any of the customers present even remembered seeing Droido and Catzi at all and Droido returned to their spaceship, while Catzi went to the temple to await Rini's arrival and scout out the place to try to locate the crystal.
She was secretly perusing Raye's room to consider whether the crystal may be hidden someplace there as she talked about the make-up items.

Raye and Serena were very impressed. "These are all very good. How much is the revitalizing facial cream?" asked Raye.
"For you I'll do a special deal. Normally it's fifteen dollars. But you can have it for seven dollars and fifty cents."
Raye liked the sound of Catzi's offer. So she bought a bottle.
Serena said, "Would you loan me seven fifty please Raye?"
Raye said, "Certainly not Serena. You still owe me ten dollars that I loaned you last week."
Serena said, "Aw. But I really want some of that cream for myself."
"Well Serena. If you didn't splurge all your money at the Videogame Arcade all the time you'd have spare cash to buy yourself special treats like this once in a while."
"Aw Raye. You loaned Amy and Lita some spare change so they could buy that big book and those new shoes they wanted respectively recently."
"Yeah. But I don't mind that because I know I can depend on them Serena. They paid me back in full as soon as they had their pocket money the following week. You should learn from their example."
Before Serena could whine some more, Catzi said with a smile, "Well then, since I've completed my sale I guess I'll be going now. See you girls."
Raye thanked her and said good-bye while Serena moped.
As Catzi left she thought, "What nice girls they are. While I'm waiting for the crystal and the kid to show up I'll try to sell some more make-up to people. I'll keep the money and buy something special for myself though. I won't waste my generosity on that creep Rubeus. I thought he loved me, but I won't forgive him after what he did to me earlier."
She was deeply insulted and thought she would spend the money for real on herself, but if she saw something that cost more than she had then she would use her mind control so the store employee would take just the amount she had on her.

As it so happened after Catzi left, Raye went outside and came back ten minutes later to say, "Hey Serena! Guess what?"
Serena looked up from the comic book she was reading and said, "I don't know. Tell me Raye."
"Well, that make-up saleswoman is around the entrance talking to somebody who has come to visit the temple showing her her products. And it happens to be none other than Miss Haruna."
On hearing this Serena felt like a cold wave had washed over her leaving icy chills all throughout her body. Putting down the comic she stood up trembling. "Oh. Th-that's interesting. By the way th-thank you Raye for letting me c-c-come round. I must be g-g-going home now."
Raye rolled her eyes and said, "Right. Sure, it's time to finish the last of your homework Serena."
"Y-y-yes. See you l-l-later."
As Serena slipped away Raye noticed she was heading for the back entrance and thought to herself, "I just bet she hasn't done a single line of her homework yet."

But Catzi actually made a sale of some products to Miss Haruna who was very pleased with her purchase. Then she went to look at the temple and never knew that Serena had been present at all. Catzi kept innocently watching the front steps assuming that Rini would come the way most people did. Though she was wrong.
As Serena was making her way down the lesser used back stairs she met Rini.
"What are you doing Rini," she asked.
"I've come to visit Raye and look at some of her comic books Serena."
"Oh. That's what I've just been doing. Well I'm in a rush to get home now Rini."
Rini picked up on the nervousness in Serena's tone and she said, "But unlike you Serena, I've finished all my homework before coming here. Furthermore you probably didn't call Raye to ask if you could even come first. It's bad manners to show up uninvited you know."
Serena was not pleased with this stinging rebuke and started to retort. "How dare you speak so impertinently,"
Then she screamed as the bus drove round the corner. If no crowd of people was at the nearby bus stop she would have to walk home and it was getting very late. "Aaaahh! No no! Wait for me!"
As she raced down the rest of the stairs and disappeared Rini silently scoffed. "Silly Serena." Then she turned and ran up to the top of the stairs eager to find Raye.

As Rini skipped merrily along the way all kids do and holding her ball, she called out, "Raye! Where are you? It's me, Rini!"
Catzi heard her and turned to face the direction where her voice came from. "The kid is over there!" she thought.
While nobody else was in sight, she magically changed her outfit to her regular clothing discarding her disguise. Her upside-down crescent mark re-appeared in its place on her forehead and she gave a tremendous leap soaring through the air until she was directly over her unsuspecting quarry.
"Hello Munchkin!"
As Rini looked up in fright Catzi swooped down with a big sack and slipped it over her head and all the way down to her feet. "You've no chance to escape this time. This sack is magically resistant to your personal powers," exclaimed Catzi as she was tying the sack up while Rini struggled and grunted.

But then a rose came flying downwards and as it stuck into the ground at Catzi's feet it startled her before she could firmly secure the sack. "What the?"
Even as she looked up and gasped, Tuxedo Mask was already jumping nimbly down from where he had been standing atop the structure of a huge arched gateway. Snatching the sack out of Catzi's hands he said, "I could feel in my inner being that this little girl was going to be in danger and so I speedily made my way here just in time to save her from you. I'll take her now."
With that he turned and jumped to the rooftop of a pagoda and Catzi screamed. "NO! I won't let you defeat me Cape-boy. You'll feel the burning of my flame attack."
But little did Catzi know that Raye had also been responsive to the sound of Rini's voice and she had observed her attack on her and Tuxedo Mask's heroic rescue a few feet behind Catzi's back. So she had quickly ducked into the shadows and transformed into Sailor Mars and just as Catzi was about to send an attack at Tuxedo Mask and Rini, she herself sent a surprise attack at her. "MARS CELESTIAL FIRE SURROUND!"
Even as Catzi turned in shock at the sound of the attack, the rings of fire relentlessly surrounded her and she was burned. However Sailor Mars was determined to capture her alive and therefore the fire rings she summoned were only rather mild and Catzi did not go up in intense flame. She painfully collapsed to her knees and hands like a baby and groaned with her eyes squeezed tightly shut. Sailor Mars bounded over to grab her and called up to Tuxedo Mask, "Hurry and help me secure her!"
By now he had assisted Rini out of the sack, into his arms and she held firmly onto his back as he jumped back down to throw the sack over Catzi's own head. He aided Sailor Mars in pulling the little sack as far as it would go down Catzi's body, tying her armsby her sides with her hands sticking out. Catzi was helpless and was dragged to her feet, her muffled screaming buried in the covering of her upper torso.

While Rini picked up her ball that had fallen to the ground when she was attacked, Grandfather, Chad, Miss Haruna and a small crowd of other visitors to the temple were attracted by the commotion. But Sailor Mars took charge at once. "Everybody do not panic. I am meeting in privacy with the priestess Raye in the room of the Sacred Fire. She will help me interrogate this intruder when the other Sailor Scouts join me. I would strongly appreciate your full co-operation in staying well away from the room in question." Addressing her grandfather she said, "Old man I trust you and your assistant will make sure everybody complies."
Grandfather and Chad solemnly promised. "We will Sailor Mars."
"Okay folks. Stay back."
"And you stay with me Rini," said Tuxedo Mask leading her away.
She didn't mind since she was thankful to be safe and she loved being in his presence very much. The two of them quietly left the temple grounds and Sailor Mars dragged the captive Catzi towards the Sacred Fire's shrine where she would call the others and summon them to join her. Now they had a prisoner they had a perfect opportunity to dredge out as much information about the Black Moon Clan as they possibly could.

In no time at all Artemis, Luna and the other four Scouts were gathered with Sailor Mars around Catzi who was tied to a chair, much like Avocado had previously been when she had been taken prisoner. The strange faded gems that had been left behind when she, Jellax and Rhonda had all died were resting in a glass cupboard nearby and Catzi was frowning angrily at them. "You murdered my personal ally Rhonda and two of our other comrades!"
Sailor Moon was in a rather grouchy mood at having been forced to be there. She had been upset because she had so much homework to do, but Luna had nagged and nagged her about her Sailor Scout duties until she had said in a huff that she would go. She fairly snapped at Catzi. "I only kill people who are up to no good! You and your clan are evil!"
"You are evil Sailor Scouts! I don't care if you murder me! I'll try to kill as many of you as I can before I die!"
To everybody's dismay Catzi stood up, while her arms were tied behind the chair and attempted to charge them with a cry of malicious rage. Sailor Jupiter swung her leg up in a martial arts movement and hit Catzi in the chest with her knee. She toppled over and fell to the floor on her left side and she couldn't get up bound as she was. She screamed venomously. "Murderers of my mother and father! All my family wiped out except my three sisters! One day you will all be brought to justice for your vile crimes!"
Sailor Mercury said, "The clan has been universally saying that we are evil from the beginning and recently this accusation about killing their families has come out. What does it mean exactly Sailor Mars? Will the Sacred Fire explain it all to you?"
Sailor Moon glared down at Catzi. "It's all a big put-on job to cover up their wicked intentions."
"Well now let me see what I can find out from the fire." It wasn't very often that Raye consulted the oracle while in her Sailor Mars identity, but she knelt down and implored earnestly. "Please Sacred Flame. Show me the truth about what this clan member's violent words."
As she knelt in prayer for about ten seconds she jerked with a sudden gasp, her eyes bulging wide. "This is incredible,"  she said, "but the oracle tells me it is not a cover at all. SHE REALLY BELIEVES EVERY WORD OF IT!"
"WHAT?" Everybody else gasped in shock but Sailor Mars was already kneeling in prayer again.
"Please show me exactly what the truth is Flame. Why does she believe these things and what really happened?"
As the Sacred Fire revealed things to her mind Sailor Mars was overwhelmed with what she saw.
"Sailor Moon," she said solemnly. "We need to prove to her that what she's been told is a lie. I have an idea. If I prepare my fireballs charge in a special way so that it will allow her to see the things that I have seen in her mind and you combine it with the healing power of your crystal it may overcome the brainwashing hold exerted upon her."
"I don't know. I've never used my crystal in such a way before."
But Artemis spoke up. "I say go for it. There's nothing to lose and we are obligated to try our very best to liberate her if what Mars says is true. Which I have faith to believe so."
"Okay then. Let's try it Mars."
So while Catzi fumed and gnashed her teeth, Sailor Mars prepared her charm. "I call upon the power of Mars. FIREBALLS CHARGE!"
As she threw it onto Catzi's face she yelled out in protest, but Sailor Mars had her locket in her hand with the crystal inside. "MOON CRYSTAL HEALING ACTIVATION!"
As the combined magic washed over Catzi's she gasped and began to give exclamations. "What's this? It cannot be! Oh no! How awful! Horrible! Mother! Father! Nooooo!"
She began to cry. "It wasn't the Queen of Crystal Tokyo! We've been misled! Duped!"
"Untie her girls," ordered Luna and they quickly did so.

Catzi sat up and looked into Sailor Moon's eyes with a tear-stained face. "Sailor Moon. I see now how very wrong I've been. All of us have been sincerely wrong. We grew up believing you were the ones who killed all of our families. I know the truth of the matter now."
Then she began to cry with unconsolable sobs that shook her shoulders. "If only poor Rhonda was here with me. I wish she could have learnt what I've learned before- before," The words died away in violent choking sobs and Sailor Moon, realizing the implications of this began to sob uncontrollably too. "I'm so sorry. If I'd understood. I would never have killed any of you."
And she knelt down beside Catzi and they threw themselves into each others' arms to weep on their shoulders. The other Sailor Scouts and Luna and Artemis cried too. "The three gems sat in their glass case like remains of people who needlessly and tragically perished, laid to rest in a private mausoleum.

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I see what you mean by it will pull at my heartstrings it did and it was very well written I can't wait to see how you write to rest of it.  :chibiusa:  

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This chapter really tugged at the heartstrings. Good job SMF!


Thank you for eliminating that scene where Koan almost blows her cover. It was kinda out of place in the original series. Also, kudo's to not having Chibiusa sticking her tongue out at Usagi!

The gems thing with the droids reminds me of how the Shitennou were handled in the manga. Are any of them gonna come back in later chapters?




Also, a minor note: How Koan called Chibiusa a munchkin, you may not know this but in Parallel Sailor Moon, Kousagi Tsukino's nickname was "Munchkin-chan" (in the Tokyopop version anyway). Even though it was probably un-intentional, i always love little nods to Parallel Sailor Moon :)

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